How to add a new custom theme?

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    I just downloaded a custom theme from a css developer. It is a 3 column setup. How do I upload this to wordpress so that I can get the new look? His site, which allowed me to download it for free, has some vague info about doing an ftp upload, but i can’t find directions on this site on how to do it.
    Thanks, G


    You can’t. The only theme we can use here at are the ones in your dashboard.


    Sorry you can only use the themes that are already provided by staff
    here at you can always buy the CSS upgrade if your familiar
    with CSS and change the look of a current theme here at


    hey, if we buy the css upgrade, do we just copy and paste the css code from the new themes onto the space we are editing? I don’t want to purchase it if we have to write the whole thing out every time.


    Hello breeoxd,
    I believe you have to write it out I could be wrong
    Someone that knows CSS will be able to give you
    a more accurate answer…


    No, you can’t just copy and paste it.

    It is much more like translating a book than anything else. You have to already know the language you’re translating it into. Do NOT buy the CSS upgrade if you don’t already know how to write your own CSS.


    The other thing to keep in mind, is that the CSS for each theme is different, and you can’t just insert the CSS for a theme you see on the web and use it on one of the themes here at It will make a real mess.


    But what about ? If I’m using the Sandbox theme, can I copy and paste a theme from there?


    For that particular theme, I suspect you can since it is basically wide open.


    I just got finished doing my first CSS customization (kind of mediocre). It took a long time to figure it out, seemed like a lot of information at first.

    I used FireFox web developer tool, I definitely recommend it (makes life easier). If you use that tool you can take another blogs theme and test in on you current wordpress theme, with one click of a button and view the changes while you make changes to the theme. I also found it easier to get a wordpress theme thats similar to the theme you want, for instance if you want to use a theme with 3 columns then first apply a wordpress theme to your blog with 3 columns.
    Your also going to need a text editor and set up a test html page. And you should give credit to the person who created the theme.
    Of course Im sure this would be easier if you buy a self hosted blog, but, I was way too cheap to do that. I think thats where the ftp comes in play, if you have a self hosted blog.
    I don’t know how to explain it any other way so I’ll leave it up to the real experts.


    aw1923 – Mediocre as it may be, it still shows what you can do with CSS. Your banner and mid column are not centred on my screen (1280×1024) in FF3, and in IE7 the titles of your side bar widgets are offset from the content. Not easy to spot that this was the andre04 theme…


    I noticed that but, I don’t know how to do it so that no matter what screen setting you have the banner and columns are still centered. I did it before, thats before I decided to modify the theme some more. I notice other blogs that don’t have these problems has the words “auto” or “fixed” next to “margin” so Im going to see if that works.


    Well, thanks for trying and showing us the result. I don’t dare to take my CSS that far…yet.


    Please don’t let accusations of mediocrity, lack of experience, or fear of failure put you off experimenting with CSS. Nobody’s first stylesheet is perfect, and even the ‘real experts’ had to start somewhere.

    You won’t find much support for CSS here, but the best way to learn is by doing. aw1923 seems to have figured out the process pretty well.


    The reason we warn people is they have a tendency to buy it and then ask Now What? I highly recommend using the free Preview and then buying once you’ve developed some fluency and got things looking the way you want.

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