how do I remove or deblock xmlrpc to restore Jetpack connection

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    Hi there,
    My Jetpack plugin shows blank pages on the dashboard and settings page.
    According to jetpacksupport, this is due to the fact that is blocked bij server authentication.

    How do I remove the block?
    Tried so far: -tried to install the ‘manage xmlrpc’plugin–>did nothing
    -tried to enable via settings–>writing. Could not find any setting to enable the xmlrpc.

    Nothing seems to work so I guess I will have to make a change to the code

    What is the correct code I have to put in to enable xmlrpc?
    And where is the xmlrpc code located in my ftp file manager?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    kind regards, Reshma

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi designqueen2014,

    It looks HTTP protection may be enabled and preventing Jetpack from communicating with your site (blocking XML-RPC requests). If you are using a plugin for this feature, please try deactivating it before connecting to again.

    If you aren’t using any plugins to add that feature, I recommend contacting your host in case it is something set up on their side.

    The Jetpack support team will be the best people to contact if you need any further help afterwards:

    Best of luck!


    I’m not using any plugins to add HTTP protection.

    The jetpack support team suggests that I deblock XMLRPC or remove the protection that is preventing jetpack from communicating with my site.

    So I’m looking for an example of what the correct code is for enabling XMLRPC
    to allow communication requests.
    And where to write that code in my ftp file manager.

    Because that is what the jetpack support team said has to be done.



    Hi there,

    For that you’ll need to contact your hosting provider, as they control your site’s servers, not us. They’re also the ones who’ll need to give you FTP access, though I can’t think how that will help in this case, as FTP only allows you to make changes to your site’s files, not to your server configuration.

    As you already have an open Jetpack ticket about this issue, I’m closing this forum thread to further replies – the Jetpack team is better able to help you with this than we are.

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