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    Dear Podz,The reason I’m asking at all is because the Hornby Island eagle web cam link
    had close to 3 million people watching the world over Podz – every day. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about it on radio and tv too.
    There are some horrible people here who are shooting and poisoning eagles on Vancouver Island and in the gulf islands so they can chop off their beaks and talons and sell them for big money in the States. I’m part of the many islanders who are using web cams, education and the law to get them to stop and to prevent others from taking up the same dubious “hobby”.

    So what I was thinking is that I’d get another blog (call it something like eaglewatch) and then mount the link as well as more information and more eagles photos in it. Would that be okay?


    It would certainly be okay, but I’m not sure if you tried to include any video whether it would work. But go for it, get others on the blog posting too :)

    Good luck with everything


    I secured http://islandeaglewatch.wordpress.com

    I used the regulus theme.

    I’m a newbie just one month into the learning process.

    The good news is that the web cam links work fine. I just watched the parents feeding the chicks and the audio worked great too. It’s cool – really cool!

    The bad news is although I think I set up the RSS feed widgets correctly because I followed ptvguy’s instructions to the letter (http://islandeaglewatch.wordpress.com/feed), I don’t really know if they are actually working. I also admit I’m not really sure what it is that they do.

    Anyway I asked for 9 RSS feed widgets but I’ve only configured 3 just in case I didn’t do them correctly.

    I know you are busy but really would appreciate it if you would see if these RSS feed thingees are working. (I have to leave for a doctor’s appointment in 1/2 hour and I’m still in my pj’s.)

    I’m getting off email now and heading for the shower. I’m also putting this on the forum so all the WP bloggers know about this project.



    [7 hours later]
    For Podz – A Good Wing
    Frank Bucaro said: “Don’t wait for someone to take you under their wing. Find a good wing and climb up underneath it.”
    Well everything in the blog is just beautiful thanks to your help. I can see the wind ruffling the feathers on the eagle chicks and even hear the waves lapping below them. This is so special – thank you so much for being “a good wing”.

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