Does Access to a Category Show up in Statistics?

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    I have several blog-post categories. If someone accesses them, does that show up in statistics? If so how?

    If I create a category page, does this alter the result? (I haven’t done so, but I may investigate that in the next week or so as time permits.)

    (I could ask the same thing for tags, but I am really only interested in categories at this time.)

    Here is an example of a category from my blog.

    The blog I need help with is



    Also, would a direct access to an archive – say February of 2018 – show up in the statistics?



    Hello? In the words of Pink Floyd.. “Is there anybody out there?”


    Hello there, to view site stats on Tags and Categories, try this link:

    You may find more information on Stats on this page:

    Hope this helps.

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