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    want to change blog URL name

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, is the top level domain here and all blogs hosted here are on sub-domains like

    re: changing a site title or tagline
    The Site title (blog name) and/or the optional Tagline can be changed on the top of this page at any time. > Settings > General … “save changes”.

    That is exactly where search engine spiders look for the site title and removing it from there can cause issues with getting your content indexed. Note that the site title (blog name) and blog address URL do not have to be the same but it’s better for SEO (search engine optimization) if they are the same.

    re: changing a address
    We cannot edit any blog URLs. If you want to change the blog address ie. the URL starting with http:// then you must be logged in as Admin under the exact same username account that registered the blog to do that and the URL you desire must be available. If so, then you can change the URL by using the guide

    Be sure to locate the correct page

    Changing a URL is a permanent and irreversible act. No changed or deleted blog URLs are recycled here, regardless of who registered and deleted them and no exceptions are made.

    re: purchasing your own custom domain

    The prices are found at > Dashboard > Store and here

    All support docs are at

    You can only purchase one year at a time.

    Every upgrade applies to a single blog only and is a one year subscription that requires renewal at years’ end.

    All that changes when you are domain mapping is the URL and nothing else. The content stays exactly where it is. What domain mapping does its create a seamless transfer between the underlying blog URLs to the domain URLs no matter where they are on the internet. Visitors who click the underlying blog URLs will be seamlessly redirected to the exact same content under the domain URLs.

    You can simply publish a post providing the new URL to your existing subscribers and ask them to subscribe to the new URL.

    Please read Domains: Important Notes Before Upgrading

    In order to map to a domain one must have an underlying sub-domain blog to map from, and the domain name you desire must be available for purchase, or you must already own the domain URL.

    See here if you do not own a domain

    See here for mapping an existing domain that you already own

    if you already have a website you don’t want to affect, and you want to add a blog to it under a subdomain (for example, see here

    Your payment methods are here

    Your upgrade history will be here Dashboard > Store> My Upgrades

    Your billing history will be at Dashboard > Store > Billing History

    After you do the primary blog set up it can take between 24 – 72 hours for domain name propagation to take place throughout the internet. You can view the DNS changes here > What’s important during that stage is to be patient.

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