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    Hello! I’m a teacher who wants to create a blog site for my students. I want to be the administrator while the students only will be able to post their blogs.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to create a functional blog site as part of education?

    Best, Jan

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Jan –

    The kids will need to be old enough to comply with COPPA. That’s the Children’s Online Protection and Privacy Act. If you Google that you’ll see a link to the official site with more details.

    I would suggest that you set up a blog on one of our free sites. The students can get added as author roles. That would allow them to write and publish posts. Even comment on one another’s work if applicable.

    Does that sound like what you’re looking for?

    There’s some great material on getting started:



    Hi Liz!

    This is exactly what I’m looking for. The students are 15, and thus should be old enough to comply with the COPPA rules.

    I’ve set up a free blog (

    My next question is: How do I add my students as authors? I can only find how to link to other blog profiles.

    Really appreciate your help.



    Hi Jan –

    They’ll need an account set up on Then you can add them as a contributor to the blog.

    1. Each student needs to create an account on
    2. They should not share account details with anyone.
    3. I’d encourage them to use 2 factor authentication on the account.
    4. Once the account is set up they will get an email from us to confirm, they’ll need to complete that last step.

    If y’all have a library or media center they could go through this process all in one go. You should check with the IT department and make sure that isn’t blocked on the internet network too.

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