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    I am new here and on a business plan, What is the best theme for a tech blog. the posts may be long with code and screenshots etc. Please suggest one free and one premium theme.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    In order to recommend a theme we’d need to know how you want your site to look – do you want it to have multiple columns with lots of widgets, or do you want a clean minimalist look that puts all the focus on your content? Do you want a front page with your posts in a grid or magazine-style layout, or do you want a landing page with different panels containing more info, and linking off to other parts of your site?

    What theme you pick has nothing to do with the topic you’re writing about – we don’t have any themes specifically designed for “tech blogs”, or any other type of blog for that matter. We just have themes designed for blogs, and other themes that are better suited for business websites (though either type of theme can still be used for either type of site). Put differently, the theme only controls how your site looks, how your content is displayed, not how the site works or what type of content you can add to it.

    Adding source code and images, for example, are features built right into WordPress itself. You add those to a post or a page via the editor, and it will display on your site no matter which theme you choose. All the theme will control is the “wrapper” for that content.

    I’d recommend that you go to, and use the layout, style and feature filters there to find the overall look you want for your site. If you give us some more details on the overall look you’re searching for we can also help you narrow down the options, but theme choice is something personal, and there’s no “best” theme we can suggest to you for any particular site.

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