bandwidth what is it & I am in using too much?

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    This is a low priority (I think)chain of related questions from a newbie.
    (1) What is bandwidth?
    (2) I have posted 16 entries so am I in danger of using too much of “it” if I post 37 more entries I have rady to go into my blog?
    (3) If I did use too much of “it” what would happen to my blog?
    (4) Is there a way for me to determine how much bandwidth I have used so I can continue to monitor this?



    1. If you had a file that was 1MB in size and you transferred it from your site 10 times, you would have used 10MB bandwidth. It’s the amount of ‘data transfer’

    2/3/4 – You have no worries about that here :)

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