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Welcome to First Friday, a weekly open thread where any new blogger can share a link to his or her very first post with the larger community. To share your first post with us, copy and paste the link right into a comment here. If you’re not new, you can still be a part of First Fridays: visit a link or two, and leave the blogger a like or comment.

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    1. It’s a but jumbled but for some reason I like it! Lol Your post shows a lot of your personality. The only thing I would recommend is, in your writing try to use quotations “…” around your thoughts or what your saying. That way the reader can differentiate between your point of view writing, your thoughts, and what you say.

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      1. Lol! Yeah it is. Most of the time, I get an idea and just start writing like a mad man. And it doesnt help Ive been using my phone since the internet has been off and on. I really need to use the computer because I think that will help me be able to see everything and what needs done. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and for the tips!! 😃😃

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      2. I write on my phone too, but then I’ll switch over to my laptop. I come up with ideas for a blog post so I like getting them started on my phone. Or I’ll write them down in my note app so I won’t forget. I only switch over to my laptop because it has the bigger screen and I like to use Grammarly as I write. If you need help with anything else just let me know, I want to support fellow bloggers as much as I can.

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      3. I need to start doing that! Makes it so much easier to see everything and also, I can have spellcheck and esp apostrophes because I have all those settings off on my phone. Lol. Thank you so much! Its definitely taking some time to get used to it all.

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      1. I a happy that I could deliver the idea behind my blog because I feel like there are a lot of words in my mind but feeling so overwhelmed that I what to tell everything at the sometime but end up saying nothing.
        Yes ! life goes so fast. I spent the last 3 years making my first steps in building a career and my life has changed a lot without even have the time to notice.

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    1. Hi just published my blog this week. In these digital world where from the moment we wake up until before we sleep our lives somehow revolves around social media. My trip to the mountain has made me stop and smell the essence of nature. I hope somehow those who read it would do the same thing as well. Happy reading…..

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    1. I think there would be lots of people out there interested in what you are talking about, so keep going and good luck. Although you are new, I would suggest adding a few posts more and also to customize the header image to maybe something other than the stock image – would be a good personalization. Good luck and welcome to blogging.

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    1. Wow really nice blog, with a lot of mature posts – that speak to your experiences in life. I think its the makings of a good read. 🙂 I like the simple layout if I may suggest some changes/additions: Try to add a like button to your posts and also add a read more click to your posts that way your readers wont have to scroll through an entire post to get to the next one. Good luck and welcome

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  1. Hello all. I’m attaching a link to my first blog post. Hopefully I get this right as I’m still working to figure out the whole blogging thing. I would love it if someone could give me some feedback on the look and feel of the sites as well as the content. I’m struggling to figure out how to change it so that all of my blog posts aren’t on the homepage. Thanks so much if you stop by and comment

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    1. Welcome!

      FYI: that link goes to your dashboard, which is private, so people won’t be able to see your site. The simplest way to get the public link is to go to your blog’s homepage and click on the post title. Then, copy the address you see in your browser’s address bar and use that.

      Here’s your homepage:


    1. I love that you give actual advice and lists the benefits of doing so. The only thing I noticed that’s a weird is some of your sentences have extra spacing in them but great job!

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  2. Hi Everyone this is my first post for my new blog./ It has been years since I have blogged and I am slowly trying to get back in to it. Enjoy!

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    1. I like what you have so far, it’s so awesome to learn about the goals of other bloggers. But I would have loved to learn more about your story and what made you want to become a blogger, but maybe you did that on purpose so I’ll tune in and catch the next post to learn more.

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  3. I’ve recently opened a new blog. I’m so excited about this. I’m basically gonna post original poems and quotes and fanstasy stories. Recently, I’ve started with the Anilines series and have posted Chapter 1 until now. I will be very soon posting the rest of the chapters. Any fantasy lover? I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like it. The first chapter hasn’t got much, merely an introduction. Lots of more suspense to come. If interested, please visit my page I’d be delighted if you do.

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    1. I love your tagline, it’s so funny! You certainly have your hand full and the fact that you’re going to take on doing a blog is commendable. I can’t wait to read more.

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    1. Cold play post is very knowledgable and informative post. Suggestion is try to use more options in font. I think you use Caliber only. It’s looking good but it will be more attractive if you use.

      Also follow us on
      Welcome for any feedback and suggestions

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      1. Hi, TechFlax — it’s great that you’re supporting so many new folks here; we appreciate it, and I’m sure they do too! We would ask that you not repeatedly share the link to your blog in comments here — we keep this space as focused as we can on new folks, and the repeated links can monopolize the comments and distract from the truly new bloggers. Thanks!

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    1. One thing I noticed — you’re using a lot of tags on your first post. The Reader actually filters out posts that use more than 15 tags and categories (combined) as an anti-spam measure, so using this many tags actually makes it harder for folks to find your posts, which is sad! If you cut your tags down to the most relevant, you’ll actually draw more readers.

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      1. Thanks when I get home tonight I’ll be able to get on my laptop. I set it up on my phone which seems to have been a mistake.

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  4. Hello and welcome, new folks! We’re really excited to meet you.

    As usual, I just want to remind everyone that we moderate the comments on First Friday pretty heavily — this is really a space for brand new people to introduce themselves and meet one another, and for others to welcome and support them.

    If you’re not here to either share your (recent) first post or leave a supportive comment, please head to the Community Pool, which is where any blogger can seek feedback on any aspect of blogging. And if you’re not sure what the guidelines here are, please read the above post — or just ask!

    Happy blogging, y’all:)

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  5. Hello! Im Don, or DJ.. Im impartial, and frequently go by either. I posted my first blog on the 17th, its quite a personal one, but its in attempt to grow. I love the idea of journalling, but I have a tendency to rip out pages when they look messy. That’s not really the issue, its that I never touch that book again. :/
    Someone suggested I try this, as i always write from the heart and like my cousin suggested, maybe someone else could use the words. *shrugs* here goes:

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