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  1. Diversity is one of the hallmarks here at Community Pool. Last week I’ve asked question about how you, my fellow bloggers, write your own posts. Responses really varied – from writing on exact schedule to not having any schedule at all.

    For me personally, the only way to blog is to schedule it as weekly exercise. I write about that in my latest motivational post:

    Let me know your thoughts on discipline and my post. Looking forward to interactions!

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    1. I need to get on more of a schedule! I have a general idea of a topic or theme and try to post 1x a week. I usually leave a “teaser” at the end of the previous post but really it forces me to deliver so I don’t disappoint folks and stay on task haha 😂

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      1. For me scheduling made big difference. To be honest, that moment before writing hasn’t changed much… I hesitate, think about if doing something else would be better use of my time… but then I remember it’ll be Community Pool day and I need to keep stash of my posts fresh… and give in.

        If you do end up trying scheduling – let me know, would love to exchange ideas 😉

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    2. I write everyday but juggle lots of drafts, waiting for information or pictures or that elusive phrase., I set the goal of of posting twice a week. It gives me the freedom to write as I feel and the discipline to post regularly. I wonder if it is possible post too much. Do you become a nuisance, would you burn out? I think slow and steady works for me.

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      1. I’m trying to get to 2x a week… but considering I’m really busy professional and am doing as a hobby – burnout is a BIG problem. As you say – you burn out, it becomes nuisance, etc. To me this is something I want to be doing for years to come… and if the only way is once a week… well, so be it 😉

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      1. I can relate with Writer’s Block ;). Luckily, the more I write the easier it gets… it’s kinda weird to look back and see that I have been writing & posting these motivational pieces every Monday for last 16 weeks. Plus, this Community Pool helps a lot – it’s way easier to write when you know you’ll be interacting with others who read what you wrote.

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      1. You have quite ambitious goals; so it’s great to hear that you visited and liked my site. If you ever need someone to talk to – I’m here. I’ll see to use contact form on your site to reach out to you also. Enjoy your day!

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      2. Thanks , yeah overcoming addictions is imo the path to a fully healthy life. I don’t know but are u a bit spiritual? Allan watts is one of the people i learn so much from on YouTube everyday. Thanks for the support, i greatly appreciate it 😀! U too sir

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      3. I’ve listened to a LOT of Alan Watts’ lectures. My favorite though is not a lecture… but his interview with Bertrand Russell. That said, I wouldn’t call myself spiritual… my main thing is to find balance between still and hyperactive state. To me personally listening to Alan Watts helps a lot with moving toward still state… but that state in itself for me has no meaning (Nirvana and all that is not my cup of tea). Thinking about all this… maybe everyone would be better served if I wrote a post on the topic and linked some lectures… instead of trying to cram everything into single comment ;). Feeling inspired today I guess. Anyways – hope you catch my drift and we’ll be in touch!


    3. My favorite line was, “Learn to love things that you need to do, and fulfill the need to find things you love.” I am a world-class productive procrastinator. That is, if it doesn’t make me feel some kind of way, I can easily push it off and find other things to do with my time that are still productive but don’t me closer to my goal (think: instead of folding and putting clothes away, I’ll spend all day organizing my electronic files and email; instead of writing, I will spend hours reading a book on writing). It’s an awful trait and one I need to stop. My biggest struggle is consistency with blogging and your post today reminds me it should be about inspiration but instead coming up with a plan and sticking to it! Thanks for a great post and gentle nudge! (Commented here since from phone I could not comment on blog without logging into FaceBook.)

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  2. Hey everyone,

    I have a general question about guest blogging to ask. I have been trying to find good guest blogging opportunities but because the topic I blog about is so specific I have been finding it hard to search for good guest blogging opportunities. My question to you is do you guest blog and how do you find new guest blogging opportunities?


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    1. Hey Kelcie, I love your blog so cute and your about me is so fun! I just watched Miss Congeniality the other day! Assuming that is were you got the inspiration. Otherwise never mind I am just old Lol! Okay so I have done a few guest posts and I have found them though face book blogger site Like Lovely Bloggers or the Blogging Connection! Beings your nice is very specific you could try doing a guest post for a blog that helps other bloggers! Maybe on how to create designs for your blog! Or you could do a diy post for someone like me ! Happy Blogging! 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the advice. I have to look into those websites and yes you were right. I am really bad at writing stuff about me and I didn’t want my about me page to feel like I was bragging so I referenced Miss Congeniality.

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    2. Hi Kelcie, Cute blog! When I used to help folks create their nonprofit blogs, I shared with them to look for folks in similar niches with whom they can develop alliances with so to say. This includes sharing posts, guest blogging, and doing prompts together. It is a typically easy way to start building an audience while rising together with others. You have some great patterns, so I agree with others about finding blogs that complement what you do. Also think about a site where folks share ideas for marketing, as your patterns may help with unique designs for posts, etc. Best wishes!! ~Shell

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  3. Hello everybody, Simon from To Cut a Short Story Short here, with my latest post, Salvador, a What if? type of thing in 850 words. I hope you like it!

    Also, I’ve previously posted about a 300 word FORTNIGHTLY STORY GROUP I run. That’s come to an end now and I’ll be starting a new group on a similar basis from October 1st 2017, this time it’ll be 400 words. If you’d like details on that please get in touch via my blog contact page.

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  4. Hi, there! Avid manga reader? Lover of Japanese culture? Fascinated about Japanese technology? I’m all of those things, and I traveled Japan. Here’s my guide on fun/cool/weird/awesome things you could do in Japan for beginners!

    Sneak peek: maid cafes, capsule hotels, robot restaurants, bullet trains, temples, foods, and more!

    I will be happy to check out your blog as well! I’m also looking for interested travel writers/culture enthusiasts for collaboration! Please do leave your thoughts and let’s connect!

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    1. Hi I left a comment on your blog. I think it’s a super article and really well illustrated. I would just LOVE to visit Japan and I will definitely read your article in more depth as well as some of the others you list. Great site! Followed too.

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      1. Hello Winta (lovely name BTW!), thank you so much, and, yes, I analysed the genesis of all my stories a little while ago and wrote an article based on that research. The first part tells you where I got the ideas from and the second talks about the editing process I’ve evolved. So I hope you will check it out and that you find it interesting, and maybe helpful too. Again, thanks for the feedback and I’m looking forward to following your future travels!

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    2. Great post! 😀 Really made me want to go to Japan and you had a lot of great pictures as well. I’m a huge fan of the Ghibli studio myself 😀 I think the capsule hotel would have freaked me out though 😐 Anyway great post and keep up the good work 👍

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  5. Hello fellow bloggers,

    I hope you’re all well. I’d like to share this post with you…

    It’s a commentary, along with a collection of photographs, examining the nature of the east-Atlantic island of Madeira, which is such a incredibly beautiful place! I also discuss a local architect’s response to this place, and the sensitive way in which his (contemporary) buildings are stitched in to the landscape. I hope you find this interesting:

    Thank you!

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    1. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing! Is your like button enabled? I really wanted to like it and couldn’t find the button… Cheers!! 😃💫

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  6. Hello to all the readers and writers out here!
    Nostalgia often results in our being lost in the world we’ve already seen and places we’ve already been! (That rhymes!).

    We start reminiscing and remembering the moments of the past and we get so lost in visualising them that we forget to work in the present. Isn’t it? Don’t we get pangs of nostalgia that just make us disoriented? I have recently penned down a poem which portrays what exactly I go through when nostalgia strikes me! I would love to know what you think about it!
    Here’s the link:

    Would be glad to have feedbacks!
    With love,

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  7. Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.

    Hope you would drop by and review my blog in general. Constructive feedback is greatly welcomed. Thank you so much for your time. Have a blessed heart.

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    1. I read your post about spoiling children. I agree that well-meaning parents can produce selfish, irresponsible children when they pamper them. There was one sentence that confused me: “Being the hard-knocked person, I was very conservative on me, and never thought about the well-being of this family.” By hard-knocked, do you mean hard-headed (stubborn)? By conservative on me, do you mean that you were easy on yourself or that you did what was best for you?

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  8. Hey everybody! Here is this week’s #MondayMotivation where I talk about how much should we all actually care. Have a look :

    My blog content is very diverse and doesn’t really fit into a particular criteria like “writing” or “photography”. Its an all in one blog, including haiku’s/weekly motivation/quotes/travel/photography and basically my life on a blog. I hope you enjoy reading!

    Do leave links to your blog as I’d like to check it out!

    Have a great week ahead.

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  9. Hi everyone!
    Be inspired by today’s Manhood Monday #13: Blaze your path to success.

    My high school guidance counselor has an indelible place in my memory. Unfortunately, I don’t mean that in a good way.
    I sat across from him in a small cubby that somehow functioned as an office. Dim, yellow light provided just enough light for him to find my name on his roster of students. But not even the dim light could not hide his disbelief when I told him that I wanted to finish high school early so I could jump-start my college career and marry the girl of my dreams.

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  10. I’d like to share this article here because I feel it’s such an important topic. Please share your thoughts with me. I hope it helps/inspires someone. Thanks. 🙂

    How to forgive the unforgivable.
    When you’re struggling emotionally with forgiveness, look beyond the pain you feel to understanding why the other person has done wrong. This kind of thinking is revolutionary, perhaps even intimidating, because it forces us to look at ourselves in a more critical light in a time when we want to be comforted.

    But pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone may be the only way to actually make a positive difference in our lives.

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  11. Hello everyone! I’m here today to spread a little love. Yes, don’t worry, that warmness you feel around you in the pool is not pee! Lol. I finished a little piece this weekend about the artist who has changed my life most. I’d love for you to read it and tell me what you think! Even better would be if you decided to fall in love with her too! Cheers!

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  12. Greetings to my fellow swimmers!

    I am a new blogger and I focus mainly on creative writing. I am publishing some of my work which I have been doing in a creative writing course I’m currently taking.
    My latest post is going to make you laugh out loud and really brighten your day!
    My post is a list of amusing examples of simile and metaphors which students used in their recent GCSE English language and literature exams.

    What’s your favourite?

    Thanks in advance


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  13. Hey!
    Often times, we get lost in the world of the past. It takes us on a completely different course. We start ‘living those days’ again and just get lost in them. Infact, we even start thinking all the times we could’ve lived a bit more enthusiastically and all the times we could’ve just smiled. Isn’t it? I have written two poems that portray what I go through when nostalgia hits me up. Both the poems are very different from each other yet, they both portray what it feels like to be lost in world of yesterdays and yesteryears. I would be glad to have feedbacks!
    Here are the links:

    Hope you like them! Would love to know what you think about them!
    With love,

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  14. Hey there everyone! Here’s my good cheers for an excellent week, whether it’s a work, school, vacation, sick, birthday, or anything in-between one, hope it’s a good one!! 😃

    I write and manage a British English based flash fiction and poetry blog! I am sharing a poem with everyone today. Take a peak inside and let me know what you think. I’m contemplating upgrading my blog: does anyone have advice? Thanks!

    All the best, happy swimmers. 💫❤️

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  15. Hello there fellow bloggers! We’re new here in the blog or in wordpress. please do check out our first post on Selirong Island! hope that you will like the post or probably curious about it!

    Do follow us as well as we explore the hidden treasures in our country! Note that treasures means the people and the landscape not an actual treasure tho! It means a lot for us to get your feedback to improve our blog! Will check on yours as well. Thank you in advance!

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    1. Hello! Start leaving thoughtful comments on other’s blogs. Also, connect your blog posts to social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (believe it or not). You can follow other blogs, too. They may follow you back.

      I hope this helps!

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    2. Having regular posts (daily posts) featured at the same time has helped me be consistent with my followers, also interacting with them through comments and likes. If someone likes something on your blog, reciprocate their actions and share your thoughts about theirs. Lastly always be constructive and positive with feedback and insight. It does everyone in this community good to have mutual respect through positive words. You have the beginnings of a wonderful blog!


  16. Hello Community Pool. Recently, I decided to take my blog in a new direction and write something personal for a change. I wrote about an experience with public transportation which haunts me to this day and writing about it sure helped me feel better. I hope you guys will read my post and tell me what you think. Thanks. I’ll be more than happy to return the favor.

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    1. Public transportation give me the best inspiration. I while away the time people watching and making up stories for why they are there, all the while wondering what they are actually doing with their lives. Great post!