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    1. This is a very personal and vulnerable piece of writing so thanks for sharing. I’m glad to hear you’re focusing more on you and this coming year is a good one.

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    2. You write with this… This vulnerability; this truth, that majority of us are yet to tap into. I love your writing style and the look of your blog

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    3. Happy ‘kind of new year’ to you too! I love your blog. I just love it. Its so relatable. I’m definitely going to follow your blog! I think you voice a lot of hidden opinions and thoughts that many people are too afraid to bring to the surface, simply for the reason that someone might not understand, or because they’re aren’t ready face them themselves. And you write so articulately and eloquently. x

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  1. Hello fellow bloggers and a Very Happy New Year to all! My first post for 2017 is some little extracts from the SF and fantasy stories on my flash fiction blog, To Cut a Short Story Short. Also, I made a few small changes to improve my blog’s appearance and functionality which I hope you will enjoy! If you find any difficulties on it I’d be very grateful for feedback.
Also, if you might be interested in joining a 300-word fortnightly story group please contact me via my blog and I’ll be happy to send details.

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    1. I like it! I love the excerpts you list from your fantasy/scifi stories. I’m just starting dome fantasy flash fiction on my own blog and your examples are encouraging!

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      1. Hi, thank you, and I will have a look at your blog over the next couple of days. Incidentally, I have done a few posts of (twenty) excerpts, one of which, Violets are Violets, Letters are Read, has the most ‘likes’ on my blog! I’ll be doing two more over the next three months or so, one of supernatural stories and one of humorous ones. Here are links to the others I’ve done so far, out of interest. (general)

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    1. It’s an awesome post! Games nights are something we should do more often. We like slowing down like that over at the Nostalgia Diaries and think your new hobby is fantastic 🙂 The format was nice and the post was easily readable – and it was fun and engaging. Great job. Left a comment on the post on your page too!

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    2. I, somehow felt like visiting your blog and I am glad I did. “How to motivate the laziest person on the Earth” was amazing 😂
      The title attracted me and it was pretty relatable. Haha

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    1. I would have read your latest post anyway in the Reader, but thought I’d comment here as well. As usual, your words are deep and moving. And no, the latest post definitely doesn’t jump around too much.

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    1. That was quite a freaky end. I enjoyed the poem. My favorite line was: “Tears rolled down again as it was time for yet another good bye,
      People around,oblivious,admired his love for the deceased ally.” People hardly know the real emotion of our expression. This was conveyed well. The end, like I said was freaky, but I guess that was the intention.

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      1. Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you enjoyed those lines and the poem as a whole! Haha..Freaky,you say!Well ,I’ll leave it to the reader to take it as he/she wishes to,could be humor,freakiness,sadness.It’s your take,enjoy! 🙂

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  2. Hiya guys! Happy new year to you all! 🙂

    So I’ve started writing again and would like to know what do you think of it (and just ignore my last post, it’s just me rambling about my conformingly bad 2016). Anw, I’d love it if you can come to my place, read any of my post, and tell me what do you think about it. Love it, hate it, or if you think it’s missing something, anything at all!

    And I’d love to come visit you too, 🙂

    Liked by 9 people

      1. Hi thanks! Hahaha I can be honest here because I have a mask and my real identity is hidden, as a wise man once said, “Give a man a mask, and he will reveal his true self”. Oh really? Your first day? You deserve a visit then! 🙂


  3. Happy New Year fellow bloggers. Hope all your blogging dreams come true in 2017. I’ve written a lot over the festive break after, frankly a lot of not blogging at all, so please drop by and boost my fragile ego by telling me ‘I’ve still got it’….

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    1. I really enjoyed this post. The Red String Theory is one that I like a lot, and I put a fair amount of stock in. I also tend to think that we gravitate towards the people that make us happy and the best versions of ourselves. 🙂

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    2. Such an interesting post! I love reading theories about soulmates (ah, I guess I’m sounding like a hopeless romantic haha), so your post really caught my attention. Beautiful writing!

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    3. Nice post! I can tell you put a lot of effort into every post. It really shows in the overall feel of the writing 🙂 The soulmate theory is very interesting. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

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    4. I loved the post and now I cannot get the red string of fate tied to my soul mate out of my head . To be tugged and pulled towards ‘The One ‘ and know that the person exists somewhere , superb!

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  4. Happy new year!!

    I am completely new to this, English is my second language so I am really trying, want a make a difference in my blog and I want to share ideas. I will love to connect with nice people around the world.

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      1. Hello inkowlme, thank you so much. I am so surprised that so many people is been really supportive. I always wanted to do this but wasn’t until now that I got the courage to do it. I’m looking forward to read you too. 😊 you got another follower x

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  5. New post, first post of the year. A little bit of inspiration for your outfits this winter – be sure to check it out on this link and leave some feedback 😉

    Also if you want to find out more of what I post (not only fashion) here is another link :
    I just updated this page so it is easier to find my best work in various categories!

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  6. Happy New Year everyone! Over at the Nostalgia Diaries, we are ready to dive into the year. Starting next Sunday, we will begin a new weekly series called Everyday Nostalgia: A 52-Week Journey Celebrating the Past to Create Better Days Today. We posted a teaser/intro to the series last last week and would love some feedback on what you think of the idea! We’d also love to have you join us 🙂

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    1. Hi. I read your post titled, “Happy New Year – 2017”. It is a nice one. I loved the line “And, the time that is our Now would become our Then, no matter one is willing or not”. That is so true. The post sounds highly positive.

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    2. Hi! I just recently read your post on 2017. I think its so refreshing. What I love about it is that you are not following ‘social norms’ by making a list of things you are going to change about yourself. Its refreshing that your are instead going into the new year with a positive mindset and a broadened view of positive change. Go you! I’d love to read more.

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  7. Hello hello, long time no see! This week, I took you on a walk to Seurasaari, to see the tame squirrels there, and then I explained a picture I took inside Kaisa Talo (all this in Helsinki of course).
    You missed that? Don’t worry, nothing has moved:
    Happy New Year, and don’t hesitate to give me some feedback 🙂

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    1. I would love to thank The Daily Post, for this wonderful initiative, Community Pool. I got a lot of constructive feedback on a few of my posts, which were literally invisible to the community, earlier. I also thank all my fellow bloggers for taking their time to read my posts. Great initiative. Heartfelt thanks.

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  8. My blog finds a connection between my own photographs and the music I love. My album of the year last year-Runrig’s The Story had a grip on me the entire year. Not just the songs themselves, but the story behind each song and the entire project itself. In a year of personal life, not to mention the loss of so many great performers, the final song on the album speaks of loss yet remains hopeful. Good words to start the new year with perhaps.

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