A Glimpse into 2017: You and Your Site in the New Year (Part II)

Bloggers share their resolutions and plans for 2017.

Yesterday on WordPress Discover, we asked writers, photographers, artists, poets, and business and website owners: what’s in store for you — and your site — in 2017? In this second post of our Resolutions series, more members of the WordPress.com community share their goals for the new year.

Kelly Heapy, travel blogger, Compass & Camera

Kelly from Compass & Camera at Mount Everest.

Kelly from Compass & Camera at Mount Everest.

In 2017, I look forward to expanding the content of Compass & Camera to include a series of posts about my experience of moving and living abroad. From the US to London to Singapore to Vancouver, the past ten years have been an ongoing journey of finding home and finding myself.

I’ll also be telling the story of my grandmother’s trip to Europe in 1972, through her travel diary and postcards — my most cherished keepsakes from her life.

And in 2017, I have two goals. First, I hope to combine my travel experience and design expertise in the first edition of a travel magazine. Secondly, I’ll be collaborating with my husband, a feature film visual effects producer, throughout a journey abroad with 360° content from destinations my followers might never go to themselves. It’s an exciting time to make Compass & Camera more compelling than ever. I hope you’ll follow along!

Cecilia Gunther, farmer, The Kitchen’s Garden

Remember when you had your heart broken for the first time and you knew you would not survive, you would surely die of it, you had made a massive error, your body was doomed to shrivel up, and your mind would turn to dust from loneliness?

So in 2017, I would like to give myself, and my daily farm blog, permission to fail and start each day clean and new.

Then someone said, “Take it one morning at a time. Tomorrow is a new day.”

“What rubbish,” I had thought at the time, clutching at my broken heart.

Of course I took no notice at all — after all my heart was BREAKING. Hullo!

But I did heal. In fact, being human, I healed enough to go on and make many more mistakes. So in 2017, I would like to give myself, and my daily farm blog, permission to fail and start each day clean and new. No more fretting and agonizing over perfection.

If I make a mistake? OK, I’ll fix it. No hiding or pointing or running and screaming in the other direction. I will own the mistake, think on it, then fix it and learn from it.

The learning is the hard part. Wish me luck!

Emily Austin, parenting blogger, The Waiting

My blogging resolution for 2017 is to get active. On November 9, 2016, I woke up at 2:45 am absolutely terrified by the future of America as lead by President-Elect Donald Trump. And in the past weeks since the election, I’ve realized that my fears weren’t unfounded and that I am morally obligated to speak out against the hate-filled, despotic path the United States is now on.

But the blog isn’t about us; in fact, its main virtue will be the voices of others.

My blogging friend Crystal at Broken Condoms and I started talking about what we could do to process our feelings and mobilize ourselves and others into action, and we are excited to launch Equality Diaries early next year. But the blog isn’t about us; in fact, its main virtue will be the voices of others. We’d love for people to get involved and to contact us at equalitydiaries@gmail.com to share their story. We’re looking for posts about how people are promoting kindness, equality, and love during this time when those things seem to be in short supply; we’re especially interested in hearing from parents and ways that they’re raising their children in a culture of love and inclusion.

Andrew Seal, artist, thechangingpalette

Image by Andrew Seal

Image by Andrew Seal

What’s in store for thechangingpalette and me in 2017:

Keep improving and reorganize the blog; it’s time.

Continue to share paintings and palettes from the studio, and become more skilled with the gift of the Four Treasures of The Study.

Create more multimedia posts, including “over my shoulder” videos.

Be grateful for the privilege of freedom, and use the blog, as I have done far too often (Paris, Marseille, Orlando, Brussels, Istanbul, and now Berlin) to express solidarity and sympathy with those suffering the tragedies and horrors that I expect sadly the year will inevitably bring.

Visit more fellow bloggers, and always be grateful to my wonderful followers who continue to amaze me with their own work.

Look forward to Italy later in the year and the photographs and paintings that I know will be inspired by our visit.

Share the joy of our beautiful granddaughter who will be two next year and really is the light of our lives.

Breathe, laugh, love, slow down, take time, and remain ever hopeful.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year to everyone. I look forward to enjoying the fruits of your own blogging resolutions in 2017.

Susan Rushton, writer and gardener


Susan Rushton at susanrushton.net.

My readers love nature, curiosities, and creativity. They make me laugh. If I let myself fall backwards, outstretched arms will catch me. I thank my lucky stars I’m blogging in this thoughtful community.

I naturally flick between serious and unserious, which can disconcert the most generous of readers, so I’ve tended to hold back. In 2017, I’ll dodge my inner censor long enough to share a few serious ideas you might think are daft. Such as:

  • How Google has broken the internet and personal, curated, Akismet-like search filters could fix it.
  • Why we should talk to other life forms on our own planet before trying to reach aliens (that one’s not rocket science).
  • Why morning toothpaste should be a different formula to nighttime toothpaste.

And I might even write more on world peace.

You know, the obvious things.

Oh, and I’m learning CSS. (Listens for B-52s-like shouts of “You’re WHAT?”) Look out for me in the forums!

What are your blog or website goals for 2017? For more inspiration, visit WordPress Discover, where we’ll share our final post on resolutions next week.

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  1. Looking forward to make 2017 a greater year than this year! To leave all the pain and hurt from this year where it belongs and move forward with a lot of positivity!

    To spread more love and raise awareness on the beauty of darkness through my blog which consists of writings about my daily life exaggerated into a magical world of darkness.

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  2. Since I’ve started blogging in early December, which was pretty much the end of 2016, I hope get in touch with more bloggers and share our ideologies and get to read more wonderful stories that WordPress brings together. Also, to improvise the flash fictions that I write and spread happiness through some autobiographical chapters of my life.

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  3. My goals for blogging are to maintain consistency, follow my new-set schedule, continue to build relationships, and have fun.

    I’ve found that I don’t and won’t have a set niche, so I have to hone in on various audiences to remain on track. From book blogging to basketball to personal topics, it’ll be tough, but I can handle it.

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  4. I don’t believe in resolution. I will just continue what I’m doing and take it from there one day at a time following my feelings and instinct sharing my thoughts and those of others who move me and tickle my curiosity and see what happens, hopefully something wonderful. I love surprises good or bad but have no expectations so there will be no disappointments. I will continue to try my very best to reach out to the readers and who knows I will find kindred spirits. Wishing everyone a fruitful new year full of adventures.

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  5. My goal for 2017 is to regularly post on my blog. I just started blogging, and would appreciate any feedback/tips on my blog.

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  6. Hi All!

    This is Samra Khan. I have just started this blog/ site (actually it is still under construction :p ) I am from Rampur, a small town in U.P. (Northern India). As I have just begun this blog, I would like to make new friends, get great business ideas and employ them in growing my boutique, and connect with people interested in ethnic ladies suits. As I am quite interested in fashion around the world and how it is related to the traditions of that place, I would also search and follow topics regarding fashion and clothing on WordPress! So my plan is to first learn and absorb.

    I would also like to see this blog as a window to the world full of opportunities and hope!

    Wish you all a glimmering new year!!

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  7. Just started my blog! I don’t want to think of this as a resolution, since I almost always break them (haha!) but I really hope to stay focused, learn how to improve my blog, gain support, and get better at writing. Thanks for this post! Have a great 2017.

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  8. 2016 has been tough, and I know 2017 will be tougher. But I have goals that I need to accomplish and dreams that I need to attain. Writing has not only been a hobby, but also my passion. I plan to develop my writing skill even further and become a great blogger.

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  9. 2017…more content being created more people to inspire and new bright ideas, from the experience I want to grow as a person…and a writer all the above most of all not to get discouraged when I”m in a rut to keep writing no matter what…

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  10. For 2017 I want to be bold and writing recognized as I have a lot to share. I would love to generate income with my hobby as well while meeting new people and gaining new experiences. I crave guidance in my newly ventured path to blogging.
    All the best to everyone and hope your resolutions will be realized!

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  11. I hope to keep pouring my thoughts and heart into my writing. Now that I have established my blog and created a solid foundation of posts, I want to dive deeper into the topics that matter most to me. After all, writing has always been a part of me. In 2017 I want to discover myself through my blog. I finished a time post, and am working on a resolution post for 2017. I hope to inspire more readers.

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  12. 2016 had been a year of new experiences, both bitter and sweet. I wish the upcoming year, 2017 to be greater than this, gaining new skills, certifications, gaining recognition for my blog and getting bigger and better in my path!

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  13. I started my blog in end of November. In 2017 I hope to get in touch with more bloggers and extend my Wordspress family. Really glad to be here 😉

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  14. In 2016 I have started publishing short stories of my childhood days at my site. I was born in the countryside and was blessed with nature a plenty which has been the inspiration behind my writing. The relationship of specific trees with humans and ghosts influenced me vastly at that age. The narration is a depiction of that era to the current generation. Though in Bengali I have started translating them to English and will complete in the first quarter of 2017. 2017 hopefully will provide me ample opportunity to diversify my writing as per liking of well wishers.

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  15. 2017 for me is like entering a carnival full of zest, ethusiasm, eagerness, delight and motivation. Alternatively, it is also something wavering, undetermined and iffy of what’s going to happen for the next 365 days. First, i want to explore the world of blogging, since i only started this December 2016. I am not a good writer,not an author, even, but I am looking forward to share my glimpse and gratefulness of what this world has to offer in my own simple words. Improve my portrait sketches and try to use other mediums like pen and colored pencils. Continue to learn how to tattoo. Travel more often and make videos to keep memories. See the world in a different perspective. Spend quality time with the people i love. Cherish every moment and be grateful.

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  16. In 2017 I will be back on my blogging path. After experiencing a couple of years with no laptop, and limited access to one at the public library. I was able to finally buy one 2 months ago. I aim to catch up on all the site i did follow and explore some of the ones who have like me since. I want to travel and add to Valencia princess. I want be like Daily Gardener. If i fail so what Just get up and get on with it may be my mantra too.

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  17. As a newbie to the blogging world, my goals for 2017 include building our business, starting our second business, and using our blog to inspire our followers along the way. I’m hopeful that blogging our journey will not only help hold us accountable for our own success, but will inspire others to follow their dreams as well. Happy New Year!

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  18. 2017 for me is going to be my ultimate accomplishment in every journey I chose to embark on. I’m positive it has wonders to offer, and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me.

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