Without reruns, I would never have known the joys of Gilligan’s Island and Happy Days, of The Brady Bunch and M*A*S*H. Without reruns of the culinary variety, I’d have to cook every night instead of doing half-labor by cooking a meal planned for two nights. Some things — I’m looking at you, chili — are even better warmed over. So in celebration of reruns, I offer a retrospective of a few posts I’ve written from the past couple of years that I liked, that garnered a fair number of comments, or whose ideas (if not necessarily my particular expression of them) are important.

In no particular order:

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  1. I use my archive frequently. There are days when I don’t have anything to say, and a rerun can keep the doors open. There are also old posts that say something that should be repeated.


  2. Very useful and interesting comments on grammar — I’ve also used the “a” thing with “affect” and “effect” (though my students had such other and serious grammar problems that “affect\effect” was the least of our worries).


  3. You are quite good with record keeping. Would I really be able to trace back posts that aroused interesting conversations? Maybe I should begin to take note of such details.


    1. It helps that I have fewer than 100 posts. 🙂 By the way, you can see comment counts in a little speech bubble in your post listing page within the admin for a quick way to see which ones prompted more discussion than others.


  4. I can’t seem to escape the Oxford comma debate recently. I’m Irish. We were taught that you never put a comma or a full stop in front of AND. However, nowadays when I use AND as a conjunction I put the comma in front of it. Thanks for the Reruns!


  5. Happy Chinese new year! This looks delicious. When I lived in Sydney (and during my uni days), I loved visiting Chinatown. We used to have vegan yum cha once a week (or more!). I loved fried red bean paste balls, covered in sesame seeds. Yum!
    I’m a snake. 🙂