What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

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If you could go back in time and have a 5 minute conversation with yourself ten years ago, what would you say?


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  1. I would have put more energy into my photography even back then, rather than waste the time at the pub every weekend…. And get in shape rather than just sit and do fog all πŸ™‚

    Kind regards



  2. have hope, at least in ten years you will start with a new blog at wordpress, which will help, that you will awake happy every morning. happy, because you have so much to write. and it even works in that foreign language: English. no problem, that you grew up in Germany …


  3. I was a demented 12 year old then, I am a demented 22 year old now. What’s more: I like it this way. So I would not touch the little boy, just sit at an earshot and hear his fantasies, try to recall what played on my mind then.


  4. I am now putting the questions on a blog on my own server so it’s a new link. I think the questions are a terrific idea to bring members closer together, to inject humor or pathos, etc. Keep up the great work in helping us to grow and I will add the buttons to my site shortly.



  5. * That I could have left my husband earlier because I was a strong woman I just didn’t know it.
    * That being Joy’s mother came before being Chris’ wife
    * That life is not meant to be full of worry & fear but meant to be enjoyed & to feel love.
    * To be very grateful for my parents because they would support you & love you & always be there for you.
    * To not only go to cosmetology school but to really learn all I could and that I was capable of opening up my own shop


  6. Hmm, what would I have said to myself?

    It’s all down hill from here. You’ll still be writing that blog. Muck gets heavier and harder to shovel the older you get.

    Seriously, though, all I’d have done is give myself a thumbs up. Why tell myself what’s coming, only to spoil it? Why change a thing? No, things are as they are and that’s fine by me.


  7. Maybe I’d tell myself not to bother and do something better instead. On the other hand if you subscribe to one of the various time travel theories it wouldn’t matter what I said to myself in the past because the result was that I am still here posting on this blog!


  8. il y a dix ans ? en 2001 je ne me disais pas t’es une vieille dame, ni “une personne âgée” … j’étais pleine d’entrain, qu’est-ce que je pouvais bien me dire ? sais pas trop non, je passe


  9. Post today is completely unrelated! But since it is Valentine’s Day, and all types of love and mushiness is excused, I thought I’d share this Fergie song. She does sing about something else other than her lovely lady lumps! πŸ™‚



  10. ✿♡✿Happy Valentine’s Day All!✿♡✿
    I would tell myself to live fearlessly and take bigger chances with life; I took many but we can all take more! πŸ™‚
    All are Invited! I have another Mega Blog Hop going this week – 2 actually; one for a favorite post and one for your Facebook fan page and Networked Blog ! πŸ™‚
    Stop by and add your posts/pages and make some new friends!
    Thank you,
    Mirth and Motivation