We Heard You Wanted to Add SSH Keys

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added the ability to add SSH keys to your account to make it even easier to connect to your site.

In September 2022, we released SSH for Business and eCommerce sites. SSH (secure shell protocol) allows you to access your site from the command line and use tools such as WP-CLI to manage your site, plugins, users, and more.

Our users loved the feature — but they wanted more. So we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added the ability to add SSH keys to your account to make it even easier to connect to your site. Read on to get started.

How to Setup and Use Your SSH Key

  1. Copy your public SSH key to your clipboard.
  2. From your WordPress.com dashboard, go to My Profile.
  3. On the My Profile page, click on Security.
  4. Click on the SSH Key option available in the Security Checklist.
  5. Paste your SSH Key to the Public SSH Key field.
  6. Click on the Save SSH Key button.
  7. Select the site you wish to connect from the My Sites option.
  8. From your dashboard, go to Settings → Hosting Configuration.
  9. Under the SSH Access section, use the SSH Keys field to select the desired key.
  10. Click on the Attach SSH Key to Site button.

Once your SSH key is attached to the site, you can use it when authenticating over SSH.

Detailed instructions on how to add an SSH key to your account are available now in WordPress.com Support.

Build Your Next Site on WordPress.com

Adding SSH keys is yet another way of integrating WordPress.com with your preferred workflow, whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced command-line superstar.

What else would you like to see in your terminal? How can we make WordPress.com an even more powerful place to build a website? Leave us a note or submit your ideas using our short feature request form!

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