The Business Plan Now Supports Plugins and Third-Party Themes

Get access to email and social media tools, ecommerce, custom themes, and more.

For many years, has been a simple way for people to create their own beautiful WordPress website in minutes.

But that simplicity came with a tradeoff — did not offer built-in support for the thousands of third-party plugins and themes that helped make WordPress the world’s largest and most open web publishing platform.

Now, we’ve made a significant change to the Business plan: you can access and add third-party plugins and themes built by the WordPress community. It’s the simplicity, speed, and expert support that you’ve always loved about, plugged in.

People love WordPress because it is totally customizable. With support for plugins and third-party themes, Business users will be able to connect their sites to great email and social media tools, ecommerce solutions, publishing and subscription services, and more.

This is a big step for us, and there’s a lot more work to do — over the coming weeks and months, we’re going to be working with partners and developers to help make the experience even easier for you to install and use these plugins and themes on

And every Business user gets real-time Quick Start support – live chat with one of our Happiness Engineers and we can help you make the most of these new features.

WordPress is the world’s most popular web platform, and we’re proud to keep this community growing and thriving. Thanks for your continued support.


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  1. techfusion

    Hope for more improvements to boost our websites as well.
    Thanx a lot keep going👌👍

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  2. wells baum aka bombtune

    Looking forward to testing this on my business acount. Thank you!

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  3. Gary Allman

    This is a great development. We’ll be looking closely at the details to see how viable (financially, technically, and site support-wise) this will be for moving some of our sites off of our VPS hosting onto, and possibly downgrading the smaller, less trafficked, sites off of VPS and back onto shared hosting.

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  4. The FaithBook

    so exciting!

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  5. Overland Motorcycle Tours

    Looking forward to this.

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  6. James Riddett


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  7. Rita

    Yayyyyy 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  8. Dorina Danila

    Good news!Thank you!

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  9. Artemissia

    Really great news. Thank you 🙂 !

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  10. Damiano

    I think this is a huge development, but I’d like to share some feedbacks about plans. While the 3 plans system is surely a good thing, there could be some blogs (like mine) that would like to use more advanced features, but don’t need all the features of the Business Plan.
    Just to give an example: I don’t need unlimited premium themes or unlimited space, but I would like to have advanced SEO or advanced customization of the theme.
    So it would be cool to have a “customizable plan” where I can decide what I can add so that I can keep the cost for my blog as low as possible, removing upgrades that I don’t need.
    I am sure that implementation of such a thing will be long and difficult, so this is just a simple idea that I hope you will take into consideration for the future.
    Nonetheless, this news is really great as a first step!

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  11. lyricsfa

    That’s what I needed after 2 years with
    Thank You

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  12. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Finally! 😂🤣😂

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  13. Carlos Menéndez

    I would like to have in WordPress Free Edition too!
    And I think we are a legion!!!

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  14. Lester Bauman

    I just went on WordPress this morning hoping to install a third party plugin that I saw featured on a YouTube video. Then I discovered that I can’t install it without upgrading to the business plan. I had already splurged on the premium plan, and I can’t really justify the extra cost for the business plan. So could you add a good page builder plug in to the premium plan? The would allow a lot of extra design freedom without needing to double the monthly cost for a plan people might not need otherwise.

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  15. stephenoadeyemo

    Wow! That’s great news

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  16. Carl Davies

    Nice, WordPress keeps getting better, and better.

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  17. holatorontocanada

    It’s obvious that WordPress has come a long way, but I have a couple clients who would like the added feature of having an existing dot com hosted at As it stands, they have opted to have a WordPress style website with their existing host. This minimizes having to pay two different companies.

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  18. grimrpr000

    Always glad to see improvements made on sites I belong to! Thank you Word Press!

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  19. ArcanicVoid

    Love it. Been doing it with my blog for like two months now.

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  20. Margarita Noriega

    Reblogged this on Margarita Noriega and commented:

    So excited about this.

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  21. mrssanthapuri

    This is great news, thanks for blogging about it.

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  22. rlseaton

    I just upgraded to Business and met with one of your concierge last evening to help me set up Mailchimp. Andrew was wonderful! I’m loving this already!

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  23. Drew Robinson

    Exciting news! I can’t wait to utilize these new features.

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  24. nutritionsolutionssydney

    That’s awesome!

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  25. Celestine Davids

    Great news. I can now come on board

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  26. krisnadwi

    Cool. Next periode i want to updgrade my plan from premium to business. I want add woocommerce to my site.

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  27. susielindau

    I just downloaded Yoast! It’s going to be fun and super helpful. Mailchimp is next. I’ve always told people to hang in there with .com. I couldn’t give up the community feature and now I don’t have to!

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  28. ajay kumar

    Happy to hear. Thank you so much.

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  29. Brigitte

    I’m glad 🙂 I wish this had happened a few months earlier since I bought a domain/hosting plan elsewhere for just these features, but maybe I can move back now!

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    I Think it will make WordPress as CMS globally. Because I am already use WordPress to all my design web. Every my client love it. Thanks.

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  31. Harry Michelson

    It would be nice if something like this was incorporated into the premium plan. At least some more functionality than what we already have.

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  32. Dena Stefani (@DenaStefani)

    Do you have to sign up to world just to read blogs, etc.? Or is there a place you just enter search terms and find what you’re interested in reading? I’m having a little trouble for some reason…it’s not you, it’s me! 😉

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    • Hafiz Rahman

      You can read any public sites without signing up. We also have the Reader that’s accessible once you sign up to The Reader allows you to search for blogs with certain search terms and generally makes it easier to follow blogs and sites.

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  33. digitaltorres

    Thumbs up!

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  34. squarepegstoriesblog


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  35. Chris Badgett (@ChrisBadgett)

    Great move. Thank you.

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  36. deepanilamani

    Thank you 🙂

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  37. runningpinoy

    This is definitely a great development! Thank you!

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  38. protectingcoin

    Thanks, been trying to figure out how some of the plugins worked.

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  39. joshi daniel

    That is exciting 🙂

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  40. taekwondosport212

    Nice, Intrested

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