Three Ways to Showcase Instagram Photos on Your Website

Discover how can help you share your beautiful snaps — complete with video tutorials!

Your Instagram account is a great way to share your life, products, and services online. With all that great content, why not showcase your Instagram account on your website or blog? Learn three ways makes it easy and discover other sites that are doing it well.

Activate the Instagram Widget

The Instagram Widget allows you to display your latest Instagram photos in your site’s sidebar, footer, or other widget areas available with your theme.

La Colombe is a chain of coffee shops in New England. Their blog, The Daily Grind, runs on, using the MH Magazine theme. They display their Instagram account prominently on their site using the sidebar widget area.

Daily Grind Blog

If you’d like to show off your latest shots like La Colombe, begin by adding the Instagram Widget to the widget area of your choice. You’ll have to grant access to the Instagram account from which you want to display photos. You can only display images from an Instagram account that you own or manage.

Embed an Instagram photo on a post or page

Whether you’re blogging about your new pair of flip-flops or your recent summer road trip, you can add snaps from your Instagram account to tell the story. Embedding an Instagram photo includes the likes and comments the photo is generating and encourages your readers to follow your Instagram account.

Ily Magazine is a new digital magazine founded by Erika Ramirez. It uses the Goodz Magazine theme and features essays, interviews, and poetry about love, passion, and relationships. 

Ily Cover

In an interview with Amy Forsyth, author Jessica Rovniak includes a throwback Instagram photo right in the body of the post. 

Amy Forsyth Instagram

To embed an Instagram photo in a page or post, copy the link of the Instagram photo on any public account and paste it into the editor. Your photo will appear along with the caption and likes.

Add an Instagram social media icon

Another way to make Instagram a part of your website is to link to your account using a Social Media Icons Widget.

Pine and Crave is a food blog by Mackenzie Schieck. She shares her recipes, home-decor ideas, and lifestyle tips with beautiful photographs and thoughtful writing using the Zuki theme. 


Mackenzie features her Instagram account with the Instagram Widget as well as the Social Media Icons Widget in her theme’s sidebar. To help her Instagram followers find the related content on her website, she’s also created a dedicated page called Instagram Bites, where she publishes the Instagram images and links to the related posts.

Pine and Crave website

To add the Social Media Icons Widget just like Mackenzie, launch the Customizer and click on widgets. Select the widget area and the widget, then add your Instagram username in the proper field.

If you have an awesome Instagram account to share, try out these features on your website today!

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    Personally I like a Instagram Widget, but when it’s not up-to-date (there has been some instagram clitch weeks ago), on a professional blog, it just looks super unprofessional and I’d prefer to have none over one with old pictures… (like Janni Deler’s one)

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    Instead of facebook Instagram encourages your readers to follow your stuff.

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    instagram has become my first choice for posting, and the number of blog posts decreased over time. but now i have included the instagram widget on my blog’s sidebar and am extremely happy with that. thanks!

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    I love how easy it is to just pop an instagram photo into a blog post and have all of it’s info populate for you. It’s really cool. I wonder what other services work in a similar way in blog posts?

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