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Ah, summer! If you’re looking for some excellent diversions, is the place to be.

And the livin’ is easy

—George Gershwin

The hot months will soon arrive in the Northern Hemisphere and if you’re like us, you’re planning a little time off from your regular routine. We’ve got some sites to inspire you to make new dishes, read new books, and even appreciate an age-old form of entertainment. No matter your passion, there’s an active community talking about your interests.

Simple Provisions

If you’re looking for easy and delicious meals, Amelia Crook, the blogger at Simple Provisions, has you covered. According to Amelia, “Food does not need to be fancy to be celebrated,” and we couldn’t agree more. We’re planning to celebrate her grilled kale and chickpea salad for starters and could easily lose ourselves in her culinary wonderland.


The Savvy Reader

Is time spent with a good book part of your summer agenda? Check out The Savvy Reader for book reviews and recommendations for teens and adults. If you’re still looking for your beach blanket book, don’t miss their Top Ten Summer Reads, 2014.


The Circus Diaries

If you’re looking for a diversion for the whole family, consider the The Circus Diaries — a site dedicated to critical commentary on circus performance in the United Kingdom and beyond. Peruse great book reviews dedicated to circus performance, check out their show reviews, and be amazed by video snapshots of circus performances.


Share your favorites

When you get a bit of downtime, what are your go-to sites on for diversion and entertainment? Tell us about your favorites in the comments.

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  1. SmallHouseBigGarden

    I have one question: what do you call the type of header this post has? and can you do it on themes other than illustratr? that look seems to be the new trend, and I want it!


  2. smokersodysseycom

    You can also enjoy a funny alien conspiracy tale see:


  3. Carol Colitti Levine

    Try day treks around the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts and beyond.


  4. sarahgiebens

    I like to visit Jhuls from
    She’s just so sweet and a really good food blogger! I really enjoy reading her posts ^^


  5. xerxeska

    Ah! Summer. In Mumbai, India, I am too busy wiping the perspiration off my brow to do much else. We consider it a cool day when it’s 20C or 68F.


  6. gtylermills

    I love to check out DIY blogs. I like to print off a lot of great ideas to save them for later. Later never seems to come before the end of summer.


  7. triciatallen

    Thanks for your post. I really love The Savvy Reader’s theme.


  8. Morgan Hensley

    Just spent five minutes on “The Savvy Reader” and I can tell it will become one of my favorites. Great visually, fantastic content, and enough substance to keep me reading for awhile.


  9. ...the Island Girl!

    Summer distractions is the WORD! My blog site would be a lot further along but I got it going just in the nick of time for gardening season! Guess what I do? A lot of gardening! Plus all of the other outdoor activities. But just think of the stories I’ll have to tell when all is said and done and the rain returns to the Great Northwest. Have fun everyone!


  10. M-R

    Krista, you (and your small friend with his paws close to your keyboard) are a RIPPER ! – Simple Provisions is not only Australian, but excellent, and also the only other person I’ve found so far to be using ‘MY’ theme ! [grin]
    Many thanks !!!


  11. rachelderham

    If you are truly global you might remember that half the globe (and your subscribers who live there) are plunging into winter right now!! Just saying’ 🙂


  12. ana74x

    Some great recipes at

    Including a seriously drool worthy lemon meringue tart.


  13. Amelia

    Hey Krista – thanks so much for featuring my site! A lovely surprise!


  14. aditi1641

    Nothing better than a long list of books to keep you busy over the summer! That’s what I look forward to everyday 🙂


  15. Po' Girl Shines

    Sadly, I’m never bored these last number of years. I long for the days when I could get lost in a book and will look forward to this being the case again if I can ever get away from my computer. I’m addicted!


  16. ThriftToBeauty

    I love the featured image!!!


  17. oespena

    very vintage but cool. 😀


  18. chai0114

    Ooh! Just took a quick browse through The Savvy Reader and I’m really enjoying it! Immediately followed and will try to tackle reading some of the books they recommend after I finish reading all five Game of Thrones books.


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