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Oh Blogger, Where Art Thou?

Wherever you’re blogging from, you can now let your readers know your whereabouts with our new geotagging feature.

Are you blogging from your neighborhood cafe? Are you writing a travel essay or publishing a photo gallery while on vacation? Starting today, it’s now easier for you to share locations with your readers.


To attach a location to a post or page, press the Add Location button, which you’ll find in your post editing screen. You can choose to use your current location — if your browser supports it — or find a location by manually typing an address.

If you set a location, it will appear at the end of your post or page.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 10.16.39 AM

We’ve enabled location tagging for all users. If you’ve been using the My Location feature before today, all of your location data will remain untouched. If you’d like to display those locations to your visitors, you can opt in to showing all locations publicly in Users → Personal Settings.

We hope you enjoy this feature — wherever you are in the world!

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  1. 簡sir

    It’s great function! Thank you. I suggest that the Location address can be linked up to Google Map, so visitor can click on that address and open up a new window which will show Google Maps for that address. 😉


  2. mermaidcamp

    This is a cool feature. I might not use it often, but knowing about it is a plus. Thanks


  3. reading SFF

    Is it required to supply a specific adress, or is it ok to only provide a general location, e.g.: the country I am writing from?


  4. olden1936

    At first glance it might be thought to be a good idea, but to specify ones exact location would tend to leave bloggers physically vulnerable to abuse by blog readers who may violently
    disagree with a blogger’s posted views.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Robert

      The location does not need to be exact nor does it need to be your current location.

      For example, you can just use the name of the city you want your post to be associated with.


  5. snowfox66

    When I do anything on the web I leave out location unless it has to do with the blog itself, or an email with directions. Other than that I don’t think ANYONE needs to know where I am. It is way too dangerous on the web and sharing locations makes it even more so. If I want to know I will ask directly but normally I let the people keep their privacy.


    • Ben Huberman

      This feature is entirely optional, so that each blogger can decide whether or not to share his/her location, and, if yes, to what level of detail.


  6. Surayya Cheema

    Brilliant! Would it possible to sort posts by location somehow or is it better to just use categories or tags for that?


    • Robert

      There is not a way to view posts by location at this time, but we’re excited to start adding features to improve the use of location data on your site.


  7. PiedType

    Strikes me as a useful way to tell readers the exact location of that place you’re writing about. If you’re inclined to do so, of course.


  8. Henrietta Handy

    My blogging plan for this summer includes blogging while I am out and about town. This feature will come in handy. Thanks for posting.


  9. robinpotterblog'

    Robert, thank you for sharing the information ; very informative…


  10. teakindooroutdoorliving

    I think it is a great idea. My town is so small that even some of the locals don’t know where it is. This is a good way to let the world know we are from Ooltewah! And yes, the spelling is correct!!


  11. PiedType

    Now if only it linked to a map showing the location …


  12. sarahgiebens

    I love it! I’m not going to use it that often, I guess, but it’s great!


  13. brianrschwarz

    This sounds fantastic! Looking forward to the new functionality!


  14. laurakcaron

    I hope more bloggers use this. I would find it really useful for restaurant reviews, store locations, etc. Also looking forward to being able to search posts by location.



    This is a very cool feature for bloggers on the move !!


  16. Robert

    This is just the first step and we are excited to create ways for readers to discover content based on location.


  17. Ian Sutherland

    Just make sure you don’t geotag your home address. You never know who might show up!!


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