New Themes: Circa and Quadra

Today we’re happy to announce two new free themes, Circa and Quadra!

If these two look familiar, there’s good reason. Based on Hexa, they share a similar design, but with unique colors and fonts. Both themes work beautifully with Post Formats and are designed to focus on your content, tucking secondary material behind a row of buttons in the header.

Circa by Automattic

Circa is a blogging theme with sweet, muted colors and a more feminine look. Perfect for a baby or parenting blog, or anyone who wants a softer style for their site.

Quadra by Automattic

Quadra is a personal blogging theme with a bold palette and a traditional font. It’s great for users who want a more serious look for their personal site.

Circa and Quadra Free Responsive WordPress Themes

As always, both themes are responsive, and thus will look great on all screens, big or small.

Check out Circa and Quadra on the Theme Showcase by clicking on the screenshots, or preview them on your blog in Appearance → Themes.

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  1. timethief

    Hi there Caroline,
    Thanks for these two variations on the Hexa theme. I like the circles and subtle colors in Crica as well as the title fonts, but others may prefer the squares in Quadra. Two more great theme additions!

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  2. TheAmericanCocktail

    Very cool.

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  3. Andrea

    Thanks for sharing the new themes. It’s great that there are continually new options to choose from. I think I’m going to have to look for a new theme to freshen up my blog very soon!

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  4. Jonathan

    I think all of them could have done with a max-width on the images… It’s a common “failing” I see in lots of the stock themes; where the designer has been very careful with typography, and then let users destroy it by not controlling the images they might post.

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    • Caroline Moore

      Howdy Jonathan! There are max-width rules on images for all of these themes, but Hexa (and therefore Quadra and Circa) allow the featured image and aligned images to display “outside the box” by design. Hope this clarifies!

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  5. skipp

    Really loving Circa (: But having a bit of trouble with the Twitter widget?

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  6. writeamy

    These look great. Makes me want to start another blog!

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    Wow…these are nice.

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  8. hrslinger

    I love this! Thanks 🙂

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  9. Beau Lebens

    These themes are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the emphasis on the “stream” idea. Beautiful work Caroline!

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  10. aearthr

    I will love to see more 2-column themes instead. Currently running the Sorbet theme which uses the same top header widget as the these two themes. However, my readers tend to overlook the top header and seldom click on the links in it.

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  11. Michael Meiser

    What a brilliant idea to offer free variations of an existing theme! I wish this was a general principle!

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  12. Patricia Lynn Laas

    I love the look.

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  13. Russian Universe

    Looks really nice!

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  14. Rio

    Nice looking themes 🙂

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  15. Hirn0815plus

    Quadra on the iPad thrilled. Thanks!

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  16. finufa

    Wow, nice view! 😀

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  17. ywwp

    I may try it, I have just one question, do these themes offer post slider feature?

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  18. Jon R.

    The quality of the free themes on WordPress are incredibly impressive. Typically you wouldn’t expect sites like this to be so giving unless you pay, which just shows how much they really care here.

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  19. catezapp

    Are any free portfolio’s themes like hatch or fontfolio coming out in the near future?


  20. crazyguyinthailand

    I think is time for me to change my theme. thanx WordPress 🙂

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  21. machinegunmama

    Very cool, I’m for sure going to try Quadra on for size !

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  22. aedmonds315

    Thank you!! keep them coming want more themes that don’t need such a wide picture..

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  23. Christine Goodnough

    I have been looking into changing themes, but I would wish for an optional black print on some of these themes. I set one up recently, then had to wipe it all out because older folks would have a hard time reading the green print that came with that theme. With Circa I suspect the same problem; the type above appears faded.

    When you’re seventy you’ll understand where I’m coming from. 🙂

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  24. Vikera

    I recently refreshed my blog to Bushwick. Even though I am happy with my decision, I feel like I sold my shares for a great price, but then they skyrocketed the day after. 😦 Happy, but slightly regretful.

    Oh well, with the range and frequency of new themes, I’m sure this will happen again. 🙂 Way to keep us wanting! 😉

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  25. Michael Meiser

    I’m dreaming of two free variations of “Sorbet” with the colors and fonts of “Circa” and “Quadra”…

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  26. tthoon

    Looks good. 🙂


  27. AngWorld

    I like this theme, I think I try it!


  28. mayzinwin

    How can I download this? Please tell me.


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