Cloudup Joins the Automattic Family

Uploading media and sharing content are at the core of the WordPress publishing experience, and that experience is something we obsess about.

Today we’re delighted to announce we’re acquiring Cloudup, a company that’s as fanatical about these core experiences as we are. Cloudup‘s built some fantastic technology that we can’t wait for you to try out.

What is Cloudup?

At the heart of Cloudup is a ridiculously fast sharing platform that allows you to drag and drop images easily, share to social media, auto-upload screenshots, and instantly share videos with friends before the video is even fully uploaded — syncing effortlessly all the while and working perfectly across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Share images and video seamlessly.

Share images and video seamlessly.

Works perfectly and syncs effortlessly regardless of your device.

Works perfectly and syncs effortlessly regardless of your device.

Cloudup’s core services capture many things we’ve long wanted to do around improving the WordPress Media Library and we’re super excited to make these improvements a reality.

Collaborative editing

Another exciting feature our new friends from Cloudup will help build is a real-time collaborative editing experience. What Google Docs has done with documents, we believe we can do with blog posts. We have some big ideas on what we can do in this space, and we’ll be incorporating these efforts into the visual editor in the coming months.

What’s next?

So as you can imagine, we have a lot of work ahead of us in bringing these services to you — and not just for users, but also for all of you running self-hosted WordPress with Jetpack.

As we work behind the scenes, Cloudup remains in private beta. But, if you want to get a preview of what’s ahead, we’re opening up another 5,000 spots. So please head over and signup. Once you have your account, you can embed Cloudup images in your blog’s post editor by just pasting in the URL on a line by itself.

A big congrats to the Cloudup team, and welcome to the Automattic family.

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  1. timethief

    Wow! Cloudup surely rocks. The features like quick and easy image sharing and real-time collaborative editing are just what many WordPress bloggers have been looking for. I’m sure this acquisition will lead to much happiness in the WordPress blogging community.


  2. dnxpert

    Wow. Guys, just today I talked up JetPack on my blog because I’ve been so impressed with its features, and to find out you acquired a service to make JetPack even better is pure icing on the cake!


  3. sammyconductor

    works great with the mac add on // thanks 4 the private beta


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  5. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    Truly awesome! Gotta love it!


  6. billr88

    Sounds good, if it works. Looking forward to seeing it in action.


  7. earthwisechantal

    Whoohoo, great news. Super excited about this acquisition of Cloudup, which in my eyes, already ROCKS because it makes the task of sharing online, incredibly easy. Congratulations on this very wise business decision. Wishing you all endless success.


  8. percychatteybooks

    Yes!!! Excellent news. Cloudup gets the thumbs up from me.


  9. Adam Maarschalk

    Thank you for this feature, and for all the great work you continue to do. I look forward to incorporating this technology into my site.


  10. catezapp

    congratulations for the big improvement!!


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  12. dropoutcoder

    I’m so impressed with Cloudup and it’s simple UI! Great job and I look forward to utilizing it on my site.


  13. haruharu7070

    Wow. It sounds interesting. Nowadays we use a lot of sns in olines. So, as soon as the new information is updated, we can share that. Therefore I think Cloudup would be useful for all users. Someday I want to use this in my site.


  14. Sebastian “Angelo” Cork

    Awesome! I was checking out Droplr before, but I find Cloudup more appealing now that it has become partnered with WordPress.


  15. harrispeaks

    Definitely would benefit from Cloudup. Would be happy to incorporate in my posts. As a world traveler, have a huge inventory of optics and stories to share on harrispeaks.


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