How to turn your blog into a book

 We know many of you love your blogs, and gleefully publish photos and posts without thoughts to reuse your work in other forms. But we know some wonder: could this be a book? Recently we wrote about how a blogger scored a book deal for You Are Not So Smart. But what if you want to do it all yourself?

As a blogger who has authored several successful books with publishers, and who works on, I recently self-published a book based entirely on posts from my blog. I wanted to see what I could learn, and I’m here to share it all with you.

The book I self-published is called Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds. It’s a collection of my best essays from my WordPress blog at, where I write about ideas, creativity and leadership. The book has done well, and has often been in the top 100 books on philosophy and other categories on amazon since it was published.

There are four questions I often get asked by other bloggers.

1. How do you shape a blog into a book?

This is the wrong way to start. A book is a different reading experience than a blog, and to “shape” a blog into a book assumes words are like clay, where you can shove them into any shape you like. A book is a longer reading experience, and every chapter, or every page, needs to line up in a readable way with the others. It will take some effort to rework  material written for a blog to fit well together as a book. Don’t start with the assumption you’ll include every single post on your blog, or keep them in the chronological order they were written.

The first step is to make two lists: possible posts and possible concepts. You might discover a book concept that’s strong, but you only have 10 or 12 posts that fit. That’s ok. You can always choose to write more. Of course the theme of your entire blog could be the theme for a book, but consider other concepts too.

I went back to the beginning and made a list of posts that might be good enough to include. I made a separate list of possible book concepts. One concept I saw in some of my posts was intelligent provocation: asking big questions and offering intelligent and entertaining answers. I filtered the list based on that concept, and arrived at 45 possible posts.  Then I hired an editor to help refine the list, and the result was 30 posts that, while all written independently, fit together into an excellent read.

There are services like Blurb or Blog2print that will take your blog and build a book from it. If your WordPress blog is self-hosted, and not on, you might take a look at Anthologize, a plugin that automates the process of converting your blog into an e-book. But these services do nothing to shape your work into a great read. No software can do this for you.  There is an enormous distance between a ‘book’ and a ‘book someone will enjoy reading’ and that distance is closed only by your hard work.

Plan to take a draft version of your book and ask people to read it. Ask for feedback on improving the order of posts, or which posts don’t fit. You’ll notice people expect tighter and more careful writing in a book, compared to reading posts online. It’s acting on this feedback that makes the difference between a book that feels like a book, and a book that feels like a bunch of random posts thrown together. Revise posts, or write new material, to develop the book into a singular strong narrative. I asked for volunteers on my blog for people to give feedback on the drafts and their input was a key part of making the book so strong.

2. How do you actually (self) publish a book?

To go the traditional route, you’ll need to reach out to publishers or agents and try to find one that’s interested. This takes significant effort beyond writing the book itself. In all cases, traditional or self-published, the hardest part is writing and editing an excellent book. If you’re dedicated to your book, self-publishing can allow you to focus your energy on making the book better, rather than in searching for someone to give you a chance you can give yourself.

If you already have a well edited manuscript, you are most of the way there: the technical parts of self-publishing are surprisingly easy. You take your complete manuscript, after it has been copyedited and reviewed by an editor, and convert it to a PDF. With a PDF in hand, there are many services that will convert your PDF to a print or digital book for you.

For Mindfire, I used Lightning Source for the print edition, and a service called BookBaby to manage the digital editions.  These services list the book on, and it can be purchased like any other book on, including Kindle, iBook and other digital versions. It doesn’t cost much: maybe a few hundred dollars. If you choose to only produce a digital version, it can be much cheaper.

The more work you do, the cheaper the services are. If you are willing to hire your own editor and cover designer, or do those tasks yourself, and take care of details like getting an ISBN number, you can user services like  Lightning Source or CreateSpace to simply print and distribute he book. But if you want to hire people to help you, services like CreateSpace and let you pay them to take care of many steps on your behalf.

3. Why would people buy a book if the content is free on the blog?

The rise of the iPad and Kindle have proven the demand for longer reading experiences, experiences longer than what the web provides. A compilation of your work offers a deeper experience than what people get through your blog alone. Blogs are fantastic for small to medium length reading experiences, but to consume 40 or 50 posts without interruption, posts that are chosen to fit together on a specific theme, you need something else. A book is a better experience for this kind of continuous reading.

A book gives you an object demonstrating your talents to potential clients, business partners or anyone in the world you wish to impress. Since a book is often perceived as being a greater accomplishment than having a blog, it can be a stronger invitation to a new reader to give your work a try. It also allows your fans and friends to buy copies of your book to give to their friends as gifts: it helps them help you spread word of your work.

4. How can I use my blog to help the book succeed with the book?

If you involve your readers as your produce the book, they will naturally help spread word when it’s done. Using polls I asked my readers to help pick the title, to give feedback on several rounds of cover designs, and many other decisions. This attracted new readers curious about how books are made, and allowed me to collaborate with my readers on the book, increasing their interest in seeing it finished and released.

It’s counterintuitive, but giving the book away for free for a time helps a new book, and your blog, tremendously.

First it rewards your regular readers – who deserves a free copy more than your regular readers? The free give-away helps enlist them to reach out to their networks to bring more people to your blog for the first time. I gave Mindfire away for free for 48 hours, and had over 10,000 people download the book. It’s true my blog is popular, but many of those downloads were by people who had never heard of me before. My great fans on my site helped spread word on twitter and Facebook of my free offer, spreading my reach for future blog posts and books. I still give 1/3rd of the book away for free as a preview for anyone who wants to give it a try.

5. What’s the first step to take?

You’re a blogger: start by blogging about it. Ask your readers if they’re interested in helping you work on a book. Post your list of book concepts and see what they think. Perhaps there’s an author, editor or designer who reads your work that can lend their expertise. Take a careful look at the work you’ve already written and start thinking about what concepts might match.

Have questions about converting your blog into a book? Leave a comment.

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  1. Kate Ferguson Writes

    Interesting, comprehensive and encouraging. Thank you and congratulations on publishing your book! I started my blog in 2010 and while the readership isn’t huge, it is loyal. I would love to ask them for ideas for a book. My stuff is mainly column-based, which could work nicely in a coming-of-age compilation. Thanks for making me think!


  2. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    Congratulations on your success… and thanks ever so much for your shared insight!!!


    • dib3

      congratulazioni il vostro blog mi piace molto ,mi aiutate a scegliere uno per me eil mio sito? Grazie


  3. fredmarx52

    Timely. I’m thinking about using one of my blogs (ElderBlog) as the research basis for a book. My question is about mechanics. How do I drain the content from into a venue in which I can edit/arrange? I’m not favorably impressed by the “highly recommended” online venues. They all offer free editing, but the content is then stuck in their publishing pockets. I want to do the work, see if I do, indeed, have a book worthy of exposure, and then consider publishing options. Any thoughts?


  4. Mattie Jane

    An interesting concept 🙂 Though mines for poetry anyway, so it’s already pretty well shaped for me. Congrats on your own publishing though! Really cool!


  5. hasysa

    The best idea, thanks


  6. Caroline Heymans

    Great, thanks!


  7. Mikalee Byerman

    This is unbelievably timely…and helpful! I’m working through a few publishing options right now (weighing the traditional vs. self- vs. hybrid routes), I’ve got multiple outlines going for multiple book ideas, all based on my blog posts. I’m in talks with a few artists for potential covers. I’m definitely en route, yet still in early stages!

    So…many thanks for the insider tips. 🙂

    One question I do have pertains to length: A traditional book is about 50,000-65,000 words, but with the rise of readership via Kindle and iPad, I’m seeing lots of “singles” and “novella” lengths available. Anyone have any experience with shorter e-books?


  8. grandfathersky

    Author House wasn’t bad either – they helped me through the entire process of getting my first book done, ISBN, Copyright, Cover design, printing and eBook, plus I got 30 print copies for the price of getting published. I think it was about $1200.


  9. Kerry Dwyer

    Thank you for sharing this information. The links are really useful. Congratulation in succeeding in such a competitive marketplace.


  10. nowwhatsmyname

    mine’s more on poetry too. i work in a publishing company where i do the interior layout of the book. i might get a free publication for my poems… hopefully..
    thanks for sharing this brilliant ideas!


  11. J Rankin

    Thank you for this interesting article, and congratulations on your book.


  12. janedoemuc

    Dear Scott, great post! Thanks a lot for sharing your insights and experiences. Especially for the part of sharing the the whole process with the own blogreaders. Seems to me like a kind of crowdsourcing. How long did it take you (approximately) to make a book out of your blog? (From the idea to the published book). Kind regards. Janedoemuc


    • Scott Berkun

      In terms of calendar time, it took a few months, as working on the book wasn’t the only work activity I was doing. I’d guess it was a few weeks worth of full time work. I did hire an editor and a designer to help, which accelerated the process.

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  13. nahedomer89

    I was always thinking of that.

    My blog looks like electronic magazine. Your great idea( How to turn blog into a book) will help me a lot to achieve my dream

    Thank u for your great idea


  14. josiecoccinelle

    Good ideas, thank you!


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  16. rose4justice

    Thanks for your information between the blogs and the ebooks – very helpful.


  17. Kiersten Marek

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. I would like to do a collection of Nancy’s best posts.


  18. jakeescholl

    I’ve actually thought about doing this. 🙂


  19. Ronin

    Great timing. I had just started the process of turning posts from my blog into a book. Part poetry, mostly essays. I used CreateSpace, they published my first book I did with a compilation of authors.


  20. finally_write

    Wow. Pretty much everything I wanted to know in a nutshell. Thanks!!!! Wishing you continued success. 🙂


  21. Steve Marchand

    This is the kind of post that matters the most! Tangible advice! I’ve been posting excerpt of my writing project on my blog and I was worried that I was giving too much away. But the whole story is not there, and yes the format is not the same as a book! You’ve reassured me!


  22. christinetrevino

    Fantastic post. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!


  23. Piglet in Portugal

    What a brilliant idea!


  24. Bill Tyson

    Great information…much of it I am doing but wasn’t aware of Blog2print…very timely this is just what I intend to do.


  25. Mama Bread Baker

    Great post, and wonderful timing. I write a weekly humor column for a newspaper publication as well as my blog. I’ve been asked several times in the last week if I have a book. Things that make you go “hmmmmm!”


  26. eof737

    Congratulations on your new book and thanks for the excellent tips you offered us. I also want to thank you for making the downloadable preview available. Seth Godin did same for his most recent book and many of us still bought copies of it. You are right, it is counter-intuitive to offer a give-away on a new book yet, time and time again, readers do show their appreciation by purchasing the complete edition. As you pointed out, the approach definitely works… I have bookmarked this page.
    Kudos! 🙂


  27. socialbridge

    Scott, thank you very much for a great post. Really interesting to see how you involved your blog followers in the process of moving from blog to book. Brilliant idea.


  28. sweetopiagirl

    Congrats on your book and I have been having the same idea of turning my blog into a book, there are so many people that don’t have a computer and would enjoy reading all the chatter going on on some of these blogs especially one pertaining to weightloss!


  29. Wendell A. Brown AKA The Brown One Poet

    Some really good ideas and food for thought! Thanks for sharing!


  30. Dandre Prosise

    This is great finishing point for my blog/journal First Goal: make a living blogging part time. If anyone has advice please share with me…I started one blog on Blogger another WordPress both on this subject. If you know of any WordPress community groups that might assist me in this goal please share.


  31. harlekwinblog

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    Hmm, significant possibilities. Convert a blog into a book?


  32. janegleason

    This was amazingly helpful and generous. I so appreciate your sharing your experience!


  33. katharinetrauger

    Hi, Scott,
    I cannot believe you did not mention the “Chapters” theme. Do you think it would help, or would it’s loveliness be a distraction?


  34. Miss Marcia

    I found this just as I was contemplating the possibilities of turning one of my blogs into an eBook. So thanks so much for sharing these tips!


  35. mwz

    A very nice idea. I’ve not heared before. Thank you very much!


  36. JACKIE



  37. susielindau

    I have been hearing about this concept and it is great to know that you were successful! When I first started blogging a year ago, I couldn’t imagine developing it into a book, but as time has gone by, my posts have become more focused in humor. I can totally see publishing a book from them at some point.

    I would be interested in seeing how you transformed your posts and for that answer, I will buy your book!


  38. omalansky

    So it’s not bad enough that untold numbers of bloggers are littering the internet with their pointless ramblings? Now we need “books” filled with this stuff? Any writer worth his salt knows what a bad idea it is to publish actual book material to a public blog, where it can and will be ripped off by others.


  39. squidoospook

    Excellent post and I have been thinking about this for awhile now. Not on my blog posts as I have so few. Rather a collection of short stories, many which I have written as short articles. However I believe I’m too dumb to do this and not many people read my articles anyway, oh, lo, alas.


  40. saymber

    I published two books on the Kindle last year using Amazon. It’s so easy and rewarding.


  41. Armand Rosamilia

    Great article! I’m actually in the process of putting my three blog tours into a book for release, since combined there were over 100 articles and interviews written… and even though my wordpress blog is free to read, I’m still getting sales of it via Amazon for people downloading it to their e-reader, which is amazing.



  42. د/هبه طاهر تكتب

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  43. biologywilson

    Thanks for a great article Scott. I too recently made one of my blogs “paddysdaddy” into a book. I collated all the blogs I’d written for two years that related to a very specific series of events in my life, my recover from 25 years of depression, wrote an introductory couple of chapters, designed a cover and published on Amazon. The process took one night, and I undertook it firstly to learn about the kindle publishing process and secondly as a promo exercise for my upcoming fictional novel. (I put an excerpt from the novel in the back of the book too).

    Since publishing on March 25th (my birthday) between free downloads and actual sales, I’ve shifted around 450 copies. I also made it into a paperback in the US using Createspace. The editing wasn’t as tight as it could have been and is on my novel, but I wanted to publish the blogs as they were at the time of writing as it refelected my mental state at the time. I’ve had some great feedback, and found the process exciting and fulfilling. I’d recommend anyone do this with their blogs. With the a good main theme running throughout to tie them together, it makes for good reading. (maybe take more than a night to piece it together).

    I’m happy to describe the process of formatting and editing, publishing, promoting and marketing the ebook if anyone’s in the need.

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  44. red rabbit skills services

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    great ideas and useful resources, thanks.


  45. conjectureandconsequence

    Thanks for tips! I needed to see something like this. Again, thanks.


  46. consistentclarity

    Great ideas, thank you


  47. mayzayan

    Wonderful idea..and terrific tips, especially since this kind of innovative thinking is exactly what is necessary for bringing a blog like mine [about the meshing of perspectives] to printed life. Thanks so much and congratulations! Best, May Zayan


  48. yousef59

    Good idea!


  49. Susan Avello

    This is cool. I was just thinking about this and talking it over with a friend just the other day. Thanks!


  50. Andrea

    Reblogged this on andrea patten and commented:
    It’s a great place to start.


  51. itsarealpain

    Omgosh!!!! I am squealing like a 12-year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert! Thank you!

    I started my blog with the intention of writing a book. For a long list of reasons I will spare you it needed to start this way first.

    I wasn’t sure if many of the decisions I have made along the way have been right but thank you for confirming my instincts are awesome. You also filled in the gaps in my own thinking.

    I have literally been in a holding pattern with my writing for the past couple of weeks because 1. I am becoming popular enough I am building a fan base with my personal FB page and the page for the book that my “fans” are stealing my work without asking and 2. It is time to push this up to the next level.

    Thanks to some remarkable experiences along the way, I have two follow-up projects in the works at the same time. One I have chosen to keep super secret and the other I talk about but do not “publish” any of that writing in a way I intend it to appear in the book because my first book idea has taught me that experience. Yes, that means I am writing three books at once or I have lost my mind however you choose to interpret juggling three projects at once.

    As I have held still these past couple of weeks I have been “finding” information like this post to let me know I’m on the right track. I call it looking for the bricks for the foundation I need to build under my dreams. Thoreau taught me to dream big and to put a foundation under those dreams later. Thank you for giving me yet another brick.



  52. Brad Merrill

    And chapters don’t need to be long. Just go into Barnes & Noble (or other similar bookstore) and pick up one of Harvey Mackey’s books. The chapters are only 2-3 pages many times. Or about the length of a blog post.


  53. Capt. Savage

    Thanks for sharing, I agree that you can’t just sew blog posts into some kind of tapestry, books and blogs are different reading experiences. But in the middle of my blog posts I’m hoping is the seeds of something more sustantial.


  54. Wanda

    This is something I’ve thought about with my blog for a while. Thanks! Would you be willing to take a look at my blog and tell me what you think?



  55. k2globalcommunicationsllc

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  56. ceciliag

    My readers are always telling me to write a book, and i am saying but i write a blog every day, how can i do both. I shall investigate further and talk to them about it and see.. it is quite simply a super idea! I would love to do it! c


  57. Marie Overfors

    Scott, thanks for the intriguing post. All the best to you.


  58. jec

    Marvelous idea. Why don’t i do it. really really great idea


  59. Barbara Garneau Kelley

    Really informative. Thanks.


  60. Blog

    At first I looked at blogs as a way to read higher in a search engine & not telling a story. I haven’t read your book “Mindfire” yet, but I will now, due to the tremendous amount of information I just received for free via the wordpress newsletter. I cant even imagine how much more informative the book must be when you pay for it on Everyone wants to tell a story whether it’s true or not, so here is the blueprint for making your legacy come true. Thanks Scott.


  61. Blog

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    Must Read!!!


  62. aylavonbrandt

    This is just fantastic 🙂 Thank you!


  63. Hoxhë Sedat ISLAMI

    A very nice idea. Thank you very much!
    Faleminderit! (thank you in albanian)


  64. Brad Merrill

    Reblogged this on Brad W. Merrill and commented:
    While a little outside of the generally accepted scope of my blog. (Small business, accounting and tax) I thought this might be of some interest to my readers. A couple of books that I am aware of that either used a similar concept or are structured in such a way to be similar that I am aware of are Side Glances, by Peter Egan (a collection of his Road & Track magazine column of the the same name) and the other the way that Harvey Mackey has structured his book Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.


  65. justm3lly

    Thanks for the tips! I plan on converting my daily babbles into a book, even if it’s just for me. 😉 Congrats on your success!


  66. Team Oyeniyi

    I think just about everyone on WordPress knows I am in the process of doing exactly this. I am about to give copies of draft one to beta readers. I will incorporate their feedback into draft two, in which I am concentrating on drawing my family’s experience into words.

    Thanks for the great tips and links, as if I don’t attract a traditional publisher, I am certainly going to self-publish.


  67. Team Oyeniyi

    Ih – and Scott – you could alwayts become one of my author followers that gives advice! 😀 😀


  68. JohnCassillo

    Great post, Scott! I’d honestly never thought about the process before reading this, but it’s definitely something to think about. While my own blog may not lead directly to a book, it could be the jumping-off point for a book on the topic. Also, thank you for telling people what NOT to do. Felt like you just saved the world from hundreds of pieces of blog post-only, jigsaw puzzle drivel.


  69. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Well, as someone whose whole blog is my first draft of my autobiographical Post-Natal, Suicidal, Drop-Kicked Mothers, this was heaps interesting. I definitely have great feedback on my works, but you’re right – attracting an editor seems difficult. Not sure which way to turn, in that search…


  70. campfireshadows

    My blog is made of Western short stories that I write. how does transferring my blog into the format of a book work? My blog has much more width than a book does ( I think) I love writing but am really dumb on computer technology. It took many friends to convince me to even try writing a blog. What I want to do is compile my short stories into a book.


  71. ahilanraman

    Valuable suggestions for bloggers and writers.Thank you.


  72. PressText
  73. gopoco

    🙂 Not even 1 Day old and your blog post on book info is already a twitter with positive response. Gut fer iu Mr.Berkun.

    Interestingly, my unfolding blog has its own book-end in sight. Albeit with some added off-the-cuff reflections, ‘The Lonely Road to Justice’ takes this older man through the overworked halo halls of justice, while dealing with the machinations surrounding his search for truth by fact. He sets out to enquire if language still has meaning; if a Party, having signed and delivered a contract as a PDF, can still be held accountable.

    Once the Supreme Court Jury’s verdict is in, I will wrap up my Blog in an old kit-bag and deliver it as an online e-book precedent setting warning.
    May my pains, anguish and loss of valuable lifetime opportunity prevent others from a similar fate; then again, it may all be me 😦


  74. themecloudorg

    I came across this idea before. Not me personally but a good friend of mine. Wonder if we can turn WordPress Themes into a book?

    Excellent post! 🙂


  75. bulldozer00

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the really helpful post. My blog has a boatload of clip art based pictures and the accompanying words play second string to the pics. Do you have any insights into the formatting and integration of pictures into the manuscript -especially for an e-book version?



  76. modernpioneerfam

    This was a very informative article. And answered a lot of questions I’ve been wondering lately. I am considering eventually putting my recipes together for a cookbook as a start in this area. I will be checking out the links you gave to get comparisons on doing this sort of project and deciding which path to take. Thank you for your post today.


  77. praheladprajapati

    nice thinking


  78. notificationsofnonsense

    Thanks a lot. I’ve been thinking about turning my blog into a book for a while now. Since it’s all poetry it might be a tad easier but this was still extremely helpful.


  79. wildlifewatcher

    Hi Scott, How interesting and idea is that! I think authoring a blog is fun and those who are skilled can certainly be successful as a book author. Nice information in plain language. Thanks for the helpful ideas!


  80. charinabrooks

    Congratulations and thank you so much for the helpful ideas! I too am dreaming and hoping to one day have a book based on my blog.


  81. Hassle Free Marketing Solutions

    Thanks for the inpiratiion to write a book. Something I have thought about many times but never knew where to start or how to get it published.


  82. emmy emmy (@emmydib)

    I got stranded in Brazil after going broke due to a natural disaster with 23 street dogs. I have a blog that chronicles four years of my life as a dog rescuer before and after the disaster I would like to turn it into an e book but I don’t have the time. I am still in Brazil with a small dog shelter and am too busy to do this. I rely toatally on donations from animal lovers globally and am therefore on the internet a lot and looking after the dogs as well leaves me without any free time for this. Can anyone offer to help me. I obviously cannot pay them. We are just about to become a registered charity here. I am English I stayed after the disaster because I couldn’t leave the dogs. e mail me if you can help


  83. Newfoundland Traveller

    My blogs based on living in two communities have helped me get writers interested in submitting stories for community come home year books. In St. Shotts I’ve gotten a total of 36 writers, most who have never been published before this book. Many of the stories are well written and very interesting. I’m having some trouble getting many writers in the other community, even though I’ve done a post on the CHY Book for Pasadena. I have six writers so far. All profits go to the community to help that community in whatever way the committees see fit.

    Do you have any suggestions for getting more response in my childhood hometown? I don’t have much time as the celebrations are the end of July.

    I would also like to do a book of all my best blogs for my own three sons and friends. Which online site would be best for this? Blurb? Lulu?


  84. ken dwyer

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    corrections to crack n back ?


  85. ningcheng

    Great idea and thank you for the detail info!


  86. rtd14

    Congrats on your book! I should say books since you’ve published more! You have great advice. I had never thought, as a writer, about taking a blog and turning the concept into a book. I admit I’ve been a little bit of a traditionalist. I had to think about a blog for about three years before I began work on mine. At that point, I’d already been working on my manuscript for three years. Thank you for your post!


  87. jegajothy

    Hi an interesting idea. But i have a novel one which I am contemplating. I have an eBook that has been published but no takers when marketed. Would it be a good idea if I extract page after page and post it as a blog? The eBook runs into about 150 pages.


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  89. Alison Wong asian author

    Great Scott! (excuse the pun), wow! What good ideas about marketing. Free giveaways? How about first 1000 books free? I never thought of that. And yes, it’s so true that you could turn your blog into a book. Great advice.


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    This post answers many questions about blogging to book publishing. Scott Berkun shares his methods and success. What are we waiting on?


  91. LA Edwards

    Congratulations on your book.! It is great to see that people are excited about e-readers and reading electronic books. I too have written a book however, it is not about my blog adventures, I wrote a novel, started a blog, and delving out chapters one at a time until the entire book was on line. Very counter intuitive, but I wanted to see what bites if any I received. Unlike you, my book is a novel and did not do as well as I would have liked it to. This largely due to the fact I was in kindergarten with the entire blogging world. My hits have increased as I have gradually learned more about blogging. My story, both my book and my personal story are unique, (of course everyone says that, but seriously for me, unfortunately it is true). Currently, I am working on the formatting process to place the book in iAuthor an application for Apple products, and from there to the e-book route. My comments have all been positive, which was a relief. Many indicating they would purchase the book when it went to print. Or in my case on-line. I opted for this media as I believe it to be the wave of the future for reading, with so many innovative electronic devices on the market today, it is difficult to know which format and or reader is the best. I am starting small with hopes of that agent or publicist picking up my story. As I said, my story is unique, such that Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications learned of me and had me submit an article for publication in her on-line magazine; unfortunately the wrong article was published, a combination of WordPress saving the wrong version, me still in primary school of the learning phase, and her husband not realizing Lesley and I had been communicating, while she was giving birth. That being the long and the short of it. Lesson learned at any rate. I found your post very informative and hope that it will serve as a means for assisting me in my endeavor of publishing my book. I am currently in the process of the sequel, and have considered a repeat of the first book on-line; I like your idea of having it on-line for a period of 48 hours. Were the readers allowed to down load the book or where they essentially left with wanting more? Merely curious. As I am thinking of doing this. Again, thanks for the insightful info.


  92. nursingaffliate

    I loved your information, It sparked my interest in writing a ebook. I must read your post again for clarity. Great information.


  93. jmgoyder

    Wonderful advice!


  94. Bugi

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    Steps to turn your blog posts into book ….


  95. The Seventh Sense - Your GPS to the Cosmos

    What an effective communicator you are. You make it sound so feasible. I have in fact started a blog with the purpose of turning it into a book. My problem is I don’t know how to drive readers to it. I received a few very encouraging comments, but I had to retrieve those from spam in my dashboard rather than comments. There is much more spam recorded but not showing up. I wonder how many of these are actual positive comments lost.

    The problem I am having may be due to the fact that I am with (I will now be moving on to But it is more likely due to my lack of technical skills and ability to assess what needs implementing in order to achieve the desired outcome.

    With your superior ability to communicate clearly, and your obvious knowledge of the processes involved, if you were to write a simple, short, step-by-step guide on how to make your perennial message on the landing page static and the rest engaging, the tools you need to drive new readers to your site, and how to make the most effective use of plug-ins to keep your readers informed and engaged without losing them in a maize of graphics and superfluous information, I would be the first to buy it. This can be a short kindle book, instantly downloadable, written in no time, and for which you can charge and earn more than a time consuming paperback.

    And congratulations on the publication of your latest book. Nano Daemon


  96. Dwayne "tryingtobeamanofgod" Peterkin

    Thanks for the post! It seems like a book is the natural progression. This is great information. Congratulations on your success….


  97. badru

    I like…


  98. TeaSea.Inc

    I feel like this was a sign! Ha ha just today, I was in the shower (where all great ideas are born) and was thinking of the new book I bought called “I wrote this for you” by pleasefindthis. It’s a book that was created off of a very popular blog. I was just thinking, ‘ I bet in a year, maybe less, I’d have enough material to create a book. How does someone even do that?’ and now I’m sitting in bed blog surfing and I ran across this. Fate is a lovely creature. =)


  99. RAMU DAS

    Thanks for sharing the info, that’s a ray of hope for the aspiring writers to be a well known writer someday.


  100. omwaombara

    This is great. Thanks for sharing these useful tips. Congratulations on your new book.


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