WordPress for webOS: A New Way to Blog

Download WordPress for webOS. On a TouchPad now? Tap to access the app. Otherwise search the HP App Catalog for WordPress. More info at webos.wordpress.orgIt’s a new way to blog, on a new type of platform. Today we’re excited to share a glimpse of the future for all the WordPress mobile apps. Drumroll please! I give you WordPress for webOS, available as a download for the HP TouchPad with support for more webOS 3.0 devices coming in the future.

Here’s the run-down: It’s the first official WordPress app to have a full featured WYSIWYG (what’s this?) post editor. The app has been translated to all languages available on the TouchPad. It uses a “Sliding Panels” interface, which takes full advantage of the larger screen of the TouchPad and makes for fast and easy blog management on the go. Check out the video below to learn more!

Of course the app also features everything else you’ve come to expect from a WordPress app. You can manage posts and pages, as well as add new ones. Moderation is built right in, and you can even reply directly to comments. If a comment comes in and you’re working on something else with your TouchPad at the time, you’ll get notified about it. Peruse the Stats panel for in-depth information on what your visitors like the most about your site.

Another neat thing about this app is its use of “Cards”. This is a webOS invention that lets you stack screens belonging to the WordPress app in a single pile, making it very easy to, for instance, write a post while keeping the main window open. In fact, if you tap an email address in a comment, a compose email card will be stacked together with those of the app.

Learn more about WordPress for webOS at webos.wordpress.org and follow @WPwebOS on Twitter for the latest news!

Are you rocking a TouchPad? You can download WordPress for webOS directly on your device using the HP App Catalog. Just search for “WordPress”. Visiting on a device? Follow this link to download.

Get involved! Just like all the other official WordPress apps, WordPress for webOS is an Open Source project that craves your mad programming skills. Head on over to the development section to learn more.

Huge thanks to Beau Collins for some major webOS pwnage. We’d also like to thank our partners at HP for making all of this possible.

So, what’s your favorite invention in WordPress for webOS?

Comment detail view with a few comments pending moderation.

Compose card using the WYSIWYG editor.

Post detail view. The main sliding panel is collapsed.

Stacked cards and notifications example.

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  1. J. B. Thomas

    Thx but I like my iPad too much to switch to this. However, I would not mind seeing more inventive features in my iPad app.


  2. David

    So this is the webOS HP-specific version similar to the iOS version for the iPhone and iPad at http://ios.wordpress.org ?


  3. Jackie Maphis

    This is enough to make a girl run out and buy a tablet.


  4. masbadar

    Wow, a little step towards future blogging…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Charlousie

    Nice. If I had an iPad, it would be very fun to use the new method. But it’s just good to know 😉
    Great, a very helpful app!!


  6. Intelligent Challenge

    Great to see support for new platforms. Share the WP love.


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  9. yousef

    …Very nice…


  10. ALIVE aLwaYs

    WebOS is the best, my favorite.
    Great job guys, I applaud the WordPress team for recognizing newer platforms, awesome 🙂


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  12. thisblindman



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  14. Chorwin

    Look like HP doing a good job to drive the software vendor to create more apps for their webOS eco-system. Anyway, it a good news to users where we got more choices for tablet.


  15. kamarimommie24

    How about upgrading the existing WordPress app in the Apple store, so that I can enjoy blogging on my iPad…


  16. jessiethought

    Great! This will benefit a lot of people.


  17. Rick Daddario

    Okay. Cool. I got my iPad2 last monday. Nne of the tests I have coming up is to see how it will work posting directly to my WP blog. From the above info it looks like it may be possible – and that an update may be coming this year. Cool on that, because in 4 days – I really like my iPad2. I’ve already posted a drawing from it, altho I went through my iMac to do it. Way fun on this direction for blogging. Aloha.


  18. brooksde

    Great app, now hurry and make one for the device that most all of us have, the iPad!


  19. jakesprinter

    Much better and handy.


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  21. abgenx

    Could you please put this video on YouTube? Thanks.


  22. David

    @Isaac Keyet

    “The WordPress for iOS app is going to receive some major updates later this year.” That sounds very interesting indeed.


  23. Gaurav Tiwari

    I’ve neither iOS nor webOS, but I have used WordPress for Nokia. That is cool too.


  24. mehummingbird

    WebOS rocks and this new application will only help advance my productivity! Thanks WordPress.


  25. miscreants2011

    Sounds nice.


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  27. kryssyandfriends

    Does this INCLUDE the Motorola Zoox?


  28. Jennifer Avventura

    Most excellent, welcome to the future. 🙂


  29. Eric

    Nice to see HP not getting left behind. Good job, guys.


  30. Stef

    @ Isaac Keyet
    July 1st, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    “If I put it this way, we’re on version 2.8 of iOS now, and 3.0 is a big number. Demands a major release, right? :)” Ooohhhh, I’m excited to see what comes! 🙂 Thanks to all of the folks at WP who continue to strive and improve the tools (and the experience); I appreciate all of your efforts.


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  32. D'Ann Bartley

    This new app for HP TouchPad looks a lot nicer than the one for iPad!


  33. tenbrokenbullets

    This definitely makes me want to touch a TouchPad (*cough*… I mean “HP TouchPad” if that even matters) Haha. Keep up the good work!
    Now how about some more lovely themes? Just sayin… 😉


  34. Renato Klisman

    Very Good!


  35. 7des7iny

    Wow, I need to look into webOS.


  36. insider53

    This is a nice looking app if you have the HP tablet but how about making a better app for the iPad too. The one you have works but is pretty bare of features and could use an overhaul.


  37. Sven Seebeck

    This looks really nice. Would love to see some of these design choices in the iOS app as well.


  38. Noob Practising

    Great to see.


  39. Chorwin

    Quote “The WordPress for iOS app is going to receive some major updates later this year.”

    Cool, my iPad 2 is on the way! Can’t wait to get both iPad 2 + WordPress iOS App!!


  40. Deeone

    Awesome… I’m still in need of the TouchPad, however. But as soon as that happens, I’m all over it. It sounds really cool. 🙂


  41. Rob

    Wait, so why did you spend the time making this app so well featured whilst the iOS version is still rubbish? Surely there must be more iOS users that TouchPad users?


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  43. The Johann

    I’m really hoping for some solid webOS phones this year, I’m a fan of the platform and healthy competition in the mobile space is always a good thing. But sadly, since I use a non contract carrier I don’t expect to see an iOS, WP7, or WebOS device in my own hands anytime soon.

    Its nice to see wordpress giving this its support, looking forward to more in the future.


  44. denisegabbard

    Is an Android version planned? Please…


  45. Sagacious Himself

    When will we be able to post with 3D glove gesturing?


  46. R

    Thanks that you support also the newer platforms and not only iOS/Android. It looks really good!


  47. hargalaptopterbaru

    I like all this.


  48. SaniAgung

    WordPress is more cool with this app.


  49. Iñigo

    Oh my… Can’t wait to start using it!


  50. doctorwhofan98

    This looks really good! I want a TouchPad now! Do you think the iPad app will become like this in the future?


  51. bless100

    I think I must have it. Nice…


  52. rafranci

    I’ve a Palm Pre, blackberry, iPad, and 3 mac computers. The reason the WebOS version (technical and timing rasons notwithstanding) looks better is because WebOS is THE BEST MOBILE OS OUT! The only reason more developers don’t write for it is because there are far more users on iOS, android and blackberry. But I enjoy WebOS the best, and once you use it, you’ll see that many of its features are truly remarkable.


  53. Rob Rockitt

    Been looking at purchasing a Touchpad. Now I have another reason.


  54. thoitrang21

    This looks very good. It can work on a lot of devices!


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  56. j2kun

    All I’m saying is I expect Android support by the time I get a tablet (not for a year at least). Great job guys 🙂


  57. PaulDz

    It would be great to see it for Android tablets. I love my Notion Ink Adam and have been blogging via the browser. But it would be great to have a dedicated app for this.


  58. romaniankid

    Never knew HP made a TouchPad. Interesting…


  59. Ron

    Nice to see iOS isn’t getting all the gravy for once. I’ll be sticking with standard WP on my netbook, running Win7. Ergonomically, tablets suck.


  60. Andrea Taiyoo

    Very nice!


  61. bbrao1

    Very nice… Great experience.


  62. Bigfish

    Wow! I’m really impressed. Can’t wait to see further progress…


  63. designspike

    This is cool and all, but there’s a spit ton more WebOS phones out there than TouchPads at the moment. Although to be honest, I’d be happy with a decent mobile friendly admin interface. That’s gotta be something you’re thinking about. WordPress 3.3??


    • Isaac Keyet

      As webOS 3.0 rolls out, the plan is to start supporting phones as well. A mobile friendly admin area is definitely thought about, however I’m not sure when we can work on it in core.


  64. Yasir Imran

    Why don’t you guys develop an app that runs on all Android devices.


  65. Ryan Fanus

    Pretty snazzy.


  66. THE Caucasian Male

    The app looks awesome, but I’ve been looking into getting either an iPad or a Xoom.



    Good job
    I love it!


  68. sourcehop

    Site runs perfectly through Android.


  69. brucetotellini

    Thanks but can we have an updated iPad app now please?!


  70. Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart

    Great work. I agree with the previous guys. I have an iPad and droid phone. I await for those apps.


  71. Darshan

    Thanks for this beautiful article!

    Don’t tell anyone that this is inspired from Blogger’s mobile platform.

    Anyway, WordPress rocks! This app will surely make WordPress the #1 blogging platform.


  72. gildiaz

    Pretty nice app. I am always amazed when a new app comes out and makes my life that much easier.


  73. jeremejazz

    Do we also have this for android ? 🙂


  74. Melody

    Great to see support for WebOS — genuinely the best phone/tablet operating system out there.


  75. corzgalore

    When did they come out with an HP pad?


  76. Ben Vassie

    Very nice, will we see an updated version for Honeycomb?


  77. Rizki CrCn

    Very good!


  78. Maj. Robinson

    I’ve been on the webOS bandwagon since the beginning. Just last month I turned in my launch day Pre and got a Pre 2. To borrow a line from Apple (whose computers I love, but whose mobile OS I find pedestrian and a bore) — If you haven’t experienced webOS, well, then you haven’t experienced webOS…

    Thanks for supporting this great OS; looking forward to getting a 3.0 phone in the future and blogging when I’m away from my computer.


  79. icetealover2

    I don’t have such a device either, but great to know that we have options!


  80. Larry Murray

    The competing platforms make doing a serious blog for just one of them sort of a waste of time.


  81. ABM

    That’s neat! I wish I had a tablet. It may be a good investment someday. Of course, I would only get the iPad, even though I’m not a big fan of Apple. Anyway, thanks WordPress!


  82. Achmad Fauzi

    Wow, very interesting… 🙂


  83. Girl, Independent

    Looking forward to the new iPad app later in the year in that case. I’ve been using a mixture of Blogsy and Blogpress apps; hoping the official WP app will make these redundant!


  84. adimase

    I hope WordPress can edit in OS Symbian.


  85. Matej Faganel

    I’m using iPad and the iOS app seems a bit behind… When will it be revised?


  86. nasrulbintang

    I like it, nice app. Thanks for the information.


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