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There are many ways of reading blogs and we’ve now added another: blog subscriptions.

This is a very simple way for your readers to subscribe to your blog and receive updates by email. Anyone can subscribe, whether they have a account or not. All you need to do is add the Blog Subscription widget to your blog and then you and your readers are ready to go.

If a visitor is logged in to WordPress they need only press the Subscribe Me! button, otherwise they can enter their email address.

All subscriptions require confirmation by the address owner, and subscriptions can be disabled at any time – the subscriber is in full control of what they receive.

Day trip — Inbox

HTML formatting will be used in emails, where possible, to retain the flavor of your post. This includes your images, making for attractive email photo galleries. Subscribers can also choose to receive emails in plain text, should they not have access to an HTML enabled mail client.

You can select to have an email sent each time a post is made, or to receive a daily or weekly digest of all the posts. Perfect for catching up on your reading at the weekend.

Want to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments? Subscribe to this very blog and get all future announcements delivered to your inbox. It really does only take a few seconds and you’ll find the form just after this text. Want to keep up-to-date without using email? Have posts sent direct to your Jabber-supporting instant messenger client, or try Readomattic to keep a list of your favourites. Remember that you can also subscribe to an individual post by checking the ‘notify me of follow-up comments via email’ when making a comment.

We’ve got a lot more plans for email so stay tuned!

Full details of the subscription feature can be found on the subscriptions support page.

Missing out on the latest developments? Enter your email below to receive future announcements direct to your inbox. An email confirmation will be sent before you will start receiving notifications - please check your spam folder if you don't receive this.

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  1. famtaro

    i will put the widget


  2. Vakratund

    Thanks!!! Now I’ll use WordPress’s own Subscribe Widget!!!


  3. Tara Decoda

    I can’t find the option to add this widget to my blog… HELP!! Where is the button to put it in my blog? 😥


  4. ♥ ♫ ☼ ♪ Londemoon ♥★™

    I like it 🙂


  5. shortoncache

    I wish it was a co-user subscription thing like most people do rather than emailed updates.


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  8. Janvier

    Was long overdue, but thank you for the hard work. Will this be available on regular wordpress blogs (standalones)?


  9. 11krause

    Just what I was hoping for. Thanks!


  10. ismailimail

    It sends email on backdated posts, is there a check box to block email if we’re making a back-dated post?


  11. custombladeworks

    Really good ! Thanks


  12. datchickneeks

    I love this new feature!
    Keep them coming please.


  13. David H. Schleicher

    This is a great feature! But is there a way to customize how the posts show in the email? For instance, I don’t like how is shows the full article that isn’t always formatted correctly (depending on the subscribers email provider). Is there a way to just show an excerpt in the email with a “Click here to continue reading” type link that will take people to the actual blog post?


    • John

      We will be adding more control over what gets sent out. The emails should display correctly for everyone, so if you have an example of this not happening please can you contact support and pass along the details?


  14. Future

    Works fine – thanks 😀


  15. ismailimail

    Just noticed that the email is posting the shortcode of the youtube instead of posting the youtube video or the plain URL.


  16. Varendil

    Sounds great!

    As someone who posts pieces of fiction mixed in with regular real-life blogging, though, the ability to only push posts marked with certain tags would be ideal. I’m sure there’ll be features coming to this quickly, though.


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  18. montenegrobojkot

    Hm, I have a question, can you make the same function for comments? Can you make subscription with just one click for ALL new comments of some blog, not just for a single post?

    Tnx in advance.


  19. Le Mystique

    Thanks for this great tool.
    Looking forward to next version which takes into account Stuart’s and Calvin’s suggestions 🙂


  20. scikid

    Is there a way to add these subscriptions as a post so that people can read your post and subscribe from there?


  21. linuxd4



  22. atomjump

    Hi, that’s a great feature. One thing which would be very useful is to be able to upload a list, or ping a single e-mail address (from my own script) onto the mailing list.


  23. joshi daniel

    @ John this is the link non wordpress users get when they subscribe to my blog


    • John

      They will only get this link if they have a account. If they don’t then they will get a different link


  24. lanrogun

    This is just in time


  25. Ben

    Sweet, keep up the good work!


  26. MG

    I can’t see which emailadresses subscribed and the subscribers get to read the entire post in their mail, so they don’t have to actually visit the blog anymore. So I deleted the widget again. But now is the question: how do I delete my subscribers?


  27. 6lal

    Seems Good


  28. jgudema

    how to move EASILY feedblitz subscribers over to this new email subscriptions service?

    is there any way to send an “invite” to non-wordpress users that doesn’t require creating a wordpress account?

    or a way to just sign up everyone (even if they have to confirm their subscription)


    • Sheri

      There isn’t a way to move subscribers. You can continue to use bot services, or you can ask your subscribers to sign up using the subscription form on your blog.


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  30. eamonm

    A very neat feature. I’d love to subscribe to certain tags on a website. A future feature I hope.


  31. mishakus

    lovely feature


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  34. vijaysudar

    Another great addition, I welcome it!!!


  35. alhakim

    Nice feature… but at this time I’ll stick with my feedburner.


  36. savie karnel

    Great! Had been waiting for this….


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  38. laplageng

    It’s quite good to know one can blog with ease, it’s always nice to know that at last restaurant managers in now have a somewhere they can rely on for news, materials and further education.


  39. alexismaida

    done and done…


  40. YogaSpy

    I can see the appeal for email subscriptions, but I would prefer that the subscriber receive only a link to the post. That’s because I sometimes edit a post after publication (I’m a perfectionist about my writing and posts, which read like op-eds or columns). So, I’d prefer not to send them actual text.

    So, I’m sticking with subscriptions by readers, eg Google Reader.

    That said, WordPress has been an awesome blogging platform. I find the interface very smooth-running. (I briefly tried Blogger before, but found the image upload process very clumsy.)

    Many thanks,


  41. Bhagat Singh

    John about a subcription where you can send a “custom message” in your email, rather than a blog post?


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  43. kefvind

    hey hey you..
    may I join with U ?


  44. eminentpr

    This is a great look for the entire blogging community


  45. Jennifer

    ** Is this compliant with the Can Spam Act of 2003? **


  46. livelyfish

    Email subscription is a great addition to as many less experienced computer users find RSS and even Feedburner email subscription a bit daunting.

    Category based email subscription (similar to that currently available for RSS feeds) would be a major advantage if it could also effectively allow me to control which posts are available for email. Similarly I could see big advantages in readers having the ability to subscribe to particular Categories.

    Excerpt only posts with Read more link would be another big plus. In particular this could make real sense for weekly digests.


  47. maryam akram

    thanks alot brother,
    this was very useful and easy.
    i pray that you and your staff get all good both in this world and the Hereafter ameen.

    take care
    peace be with you


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  49. Tim

    Thanks for this feature, I have been waiting for it and will definitely use. For those who are concerned about using it because you may change or edit posts after you publish it, but the email was already sent, I would re-iterate some above comments by saying RSS and Feedburner subscriptions by email do the same exact thing. If people are going to subscribe to your blog via RSS you might as well offer the option to subscribe via email.

    That’s just my 2 cents ^_^


  50. mikehughescq

    There is one aspect of this that I can’t find any comments (thusfar) on.

    In the UK it does not generally go down to start an email with “Howdy!” It plays out as unprofessional and over-familiar. Given that context is there any way a feature can be added to the widget to ensure that blog owners can tweak at least some of the wording within the email that is sent out?



  51. eleonoraonline

    How long has this been a feature for? Just wondering in what period of time I accumulated the amount of subscriptions I have…

    Also, what’s the difference between a subscriber and a subscription? The number is different on my blog.

    How is this feature linked to the Blog Surfer tab?


  52. craigchamplin

    Yea! Already using it.


  53. dumnezeueateu

    Great news, started using it! Thanks a lot team.


  54. Deborah

    Love it!!!

    I set this up today and my blog posts look 100% better in the email than they did with feedburner. I also am glad to see this feature since I had a problem before of feedburner sending out old posts from last year again.


  55. jesseluna

    Great feature, especially for newer bloggers that may not have set up Feedburner yet, thanks!


  56. armie of words

    finally. i was long waiting for this feature. thanks.


  57. indonibeauty

    WordPress is great.I declare this month my blog posting month.Will I be able to release a thank you document to my subscribers or comment post as they press submit? Do we need other website with such advanced wordpress sites?

    Keep it up WordPress team.


  58. demoffy

    i felt.. is good.. 🙂 thanks..


  59. zyxo

    Have to try this. Sounds excellent !


  60. van Nistelrooy



  61. ideagirlconsulting

    my readers will be happy they have been asking me to put out a newsletter… this will help



    I agree with Mr. Calvin when he said that: One comment though – close to what Stuart has already said: e-mail subscribers seem to get the full post, which means that they don’t then have to come to the site to read your posts (unless they want to comment). It would seem to make sense to me to restrict what appears in the e-mail to the first sentence/para/20 words of the post, followed by a ‘read more…’ link to the post itself (or, more ideally, to the site itself). This would as a ‘tease’ and thus draw people to the site who might otherwise just be content to read their e-mail…

    And I want to know how to remove some of e-mails which had subscribed to my blog? I do not want to send them My Posts any More. Can you tell my How shall I do this?


    • John

      People will not receive emails for anything that they do not have access to. You can’t remove specific RSS subscriptions in the same way you can’t remove specific comment subscriptions or RSS subscribers.


  63. carnagesgirlfriend

    Hello! Finally, thanks for this, maybe this could be the solution to my traffic quest. But if my suscribers decide to read me via e-mail, that reads counts? or just counts if they visit my site?


  64. carnagesgirlfriend

    How can i add this to my blog?


  65. siv30

    Why does it sends all the post and not just the first lines?


  66. BaNi MusTajaB

    thank you


  67. Chris Anderson

    This is a great feature – one which I was going to implement using Feed Burner. The only feature missing (as has been mentioned previously, so a +1 vote from me) is the ability for people to select which post categories they want to receive as emails.

    BTW: FireFox crashed twice on me when viewing this page (had to use IE instead). Unsure if it’s to do with the “snow” script you are using, but can I recommend you remove it? For so many reasons (its distracting being one), and that type of script went out of fashion in the 90s and should never be used on any sort of professional website.


  68. bourbongents

    Since we are new at blogging at wordpress, I find this to be an excellent addition.


  69. hiddendecoy

    I don’t see an option to add it to self-hosted blogs. If there is one, where is it? I highly suggest that should be added if it isn’t available.


  70. itsourteamwork

    Good one


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