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Jabber (XMPP) is an open instant messaging protocol used by millions of people daily. At we use Jabber to instantly deliver new blog posts and comments to subscribers.

It’s currently free to use our Jabber blog subscription service.

Connect to

You need a account and a Jabber client. You will set up your client with these connection details:

  • Jabber ID
    This is your user name followed by “”. (This looks like an email address but it’s not for email.)
  • Password
    The Jabber service uses the same password as your account.
    Note: Make sure to generate an Application Specific Password if you have Two Step Authentication enabled.
  • Jabber Server/Host
    Some clients ask for this; most will figure it out from the Jabber ID.
  • Port
    This is the usual port for Jabber services. You shouldn’t have to enter this.

Some clients have additional connection parameters. If you need help with a specific client, contact Support. We can’t be responsible for any third-party software but we’ll do our best.

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Get subscriptions delivered to Jabber

After you setup your Jabber client, you’ll need to go to the Subscription Settings page and set which blogs you’d like to have delivered through Jabber. You can also set Jabber as your default delivery option from your Notification Settings.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.05.30 AM

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Befriend the robot

Our friendly chat robot will help you manage your subscriptions. Add to your buddy list, then open a chat window and say “howdy”.

Here are the commands the bot understands:

  • subscribe (shorthand: sub)
    This command subscribes you to posts and comments on, our blog.
    This command subscribes you to posts only.
    This command subscribes to comments only.
    sub @mentions
    This command subscribes you to @mentions of your username.
  • unsubscribe (shorthand: unsub)
    This command works the same way as subscribe.
  • subscriptions (shorthand: subs)
    The bot will reply with a list of your subscriptions.
  • stop / start
    Use “stop” to temporarily suspend all subscriptions without unsubscribing. Notifications will be discarded until you use “start”.
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