You can now use your blog as an OpenID.

Are you fed up with having to remember dozens of usernames and password? Does the idea of creating yet another account on yet another site leave you cold?

OpenID is a new standard that hopes to alleviate some of the pain, and we’ve just made it available to everyone who has a blog. This means you can sign in to a growing number of sites using your existing account.

You can learn more about this feature in our OpenID FAQ. Your OpenID is simply the URL of your blog; try it out at Jyte, or Zooomr.

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  1. bsdguru

    Simon that’s flipping fantastic news. Been waiting a while for this to happen. Did you code it in python or PHP?


  2. Matt

    bsdguru, it’s coded in PHP like the rest of


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  4. maique

    great, great, great.
    even though there’s a lot of places i’d love to see using openid, it’s great to be able to use my wordpress url.

    thanks a lot.


  5. deambulando

    Great! but i use keepass to keep all my keys, also a good tool


  6. VxJasonxV

    \o/ YAY


  7. Grace

    Wow. That’s cool.


  8. thordora



  9. abu ameerah




  10. skywindows


    People who understand what a pain it is to remember a million, gazillion passwords.

    Thank You!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Coops

    Cool! So how is this different from using the same password for everything?


  12. 0nkulis

    cool thanks!


  13. argentalico

    Excellent! The maximum! 😉


  14. Burak S.

    thanks 🙂


  15. onairosjs

    Better and better. It´s a pleasure to be in this comunity. I´m happy to see how the way we build the Internet in the early times continue with your spirit and generosity.


  16. skykid

    Great – thanks guys


  17. Burner

    That’s just great! Thanks, guys! I find it really useful. WP keeps getting better and better. 😀


  18. The Populist



  19. Sha

    Okay this will definately make life a lot more easier. Three cheers for wordpress!!


  20. MadMark

    uh oh… !


  21. parafonos

    Perfect !!! please give as a list of the sites that we can sign in with wp acount…


  22. Χαρτοπόντικας



  23. Brent

    Nice. This is really cool. Thanks Simon!



  24. Lensflare

    Great Idea! Innovative, and useful!


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  26. Stuart Grimshaw

    When will I be able to log in to WordPress with my existing openID? 😉


  27. Matt

    Stuart, since we don’t require login for most interactions, including leaving comments, the benefits aren’t as immediate. Depending on how this feature goes we’ll look at investing more time in OpenID in the future.


  28. fizia

    this one is really good:))


  29. scientaestubique

    Awesome, thanks guys!


  30. Anita Marie

    Of all the new features THIS is the best.
    Way to go!
    From Your Odd n Macbre
    Anita M


  31. Eleftherios Kosmas



  32. weldan

    cool.. 🙂


  33. Simon

    “Cool! So how is this different from using the same password for everything?”

    Great question! The main reason OpenID is better is that you don’t have to trust your password to lots of different sites. If you use the same password on lots of sites and one of them turns evil (or is hacked in to) you lose all of your accounts. The more places you use the same password, the more chances there are for it to be stolen.

    With OpenID, only one site knows your password – so there’s only one site that you have to be worried about.

    If you’re worried about keeping all of your eggs in one basket, you can always use more than one OpenID.


  34. options

    are there any plans to consider incorporating into an OpenID Consumer part to alleviate some of the pain for everyone from a growing number of sites so that they could leave comments signing in to using their existing external OpenID?

    my guess, lack of idea of creating yet another account on yet another site just to leave a comment, would make them all (and their comments) really hot…

    thank you.


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  36. Stuart Grimshaw


    Surely for blog authors the benefits are quite big? I suppose if I use WordPress as my open ID then OK I do have access to my blog via openID, almost … but I already have an openID provided by someone else and the whole point of it is, you only need 1 🙂

    Still it’s great to see another large site getting involved in openID.


  37. بهمن

    Its a great idea for near future 😉


  38. ageekgirl

    Yay! What a way to integrate services. Thank y’all.


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  41. robyn

    Right on! My list continues to grow…reasons why I love WP!!! Thanks for yall’s hard work! Chicago WordPressers dig it!!


  42. alisonbowman

    Wow, I just ranted about the proliferation of passwords recently at

    Thank goodness there’s a solution!


  43. alicia5

    Genial!!! good news!!!


  44. konstantin

    The one issue with OpenID is that you are always redirected to your OpenID provider to enter your password, and then redirected back to the site you are logging in to. Will there be improvements to the OpenID standard to allow the OpenID end-user to provide both the URI/login as well as the password on the site being logged into, without all of the redirection back and forth? If this could be done Securely, it would surely speed up adoption of the OpenID standard.


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  46. Nita

    “Are you fed up with having to remember dozens of usernames and password? Does the idea of creating yet another account on yet another site leave you cold?”
    Yeah, you said it!


  47. Darmok

    What a great idea! Not only does this add convenience, but hopefully with on board, even more weblogs will be motivated to adopt this standard.


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  49. Brian Purkiss

    Nice. I don’t know if I’ll use it, but it sounds cool.

    Thanks for all y’all are doing with WordPress!!!!


  50. Lance

    I’m happy this is now available.

    I’ve been using Norton Password Manager. It remembers and types in passwords for me. Mine currently is handling passwords for over 100 sites.


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  52. simonesu

    great! so that i not needed to remember all my password! thank you all ..this awesome


  53. mon@rch

    So glad you did this!! I just love all your most recent changes!


  54. sooperkev



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  59. blayde

    Wow, user freindliness to the core, great feature, two thumbs up.


  60. Margarette Rona



  61. Chittaranjan

    Gr8 News that….Now we can scour the WWW without having to signup all over again…..

    P.S: Can we see Gravatar also make an appearance on WP?


  62. mr fausty

    good thx !! 😉


  63. Kunal

    thats really really good …. one less password to remember 😀


  64. plubius

    Yep. I hate having to create a new account for ever site that I visit.

    Thanks =)


  65. dragonmommie

    This is great… but how can I find out which sites use OpenID?


  66. blarz

    Awesome! Was just reading about OpenID the other day. Nice to see it implemented on WordPress. 🙂


  67. alanjcastonguay


    What, if any, existant OpenID library was used to provide the server functionality? Or was it homegrown? Any plan to produce a Yadis document describing the resources?


  68. katm


    I’m so glad I choose WordPress for my blog 🙂


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  70. kyran

    I really don’t OpenID in concept. But at least there is some security with WPs implementation. Thanks guys, even though I won’t use it often.


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  72. kathysmith



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  75. The Rooster

    While I like the concept and the implementation of open ID, I got fed up waiting for it to be rolled out everywhere and use Roboform. I only need to remember one password. Which is great considering that I have over 80 passwords and user names!

    Still good move, it might push the technology.


  76. Rizwan

    thats cool ..


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  79. Lakshmi Narayanan

    Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Knew about OpenID only a month back and now my blog URL is my ID.Thanks WordPress!


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  82. freewarealternative

    That will make it much easier to use and sites like this.
    Fantastic idea!


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  85. amiripz

    Another nice feature really.


  86. aharden



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  88. Diego Ferreyra

    I’m not ok with you saying you support OpenID. Supporting OpenID means I could sign in with any OpenID provider. If all the other service providers on the web did this, I would still end up with 3000 accounts to remember.

    Please, support OpenID not only as a provider, I already have an OpenID account I would love to sign in using that.

    more here:


  89. grinder

    Fantastico…. Great stuff guys. \m/


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  93. myanger

    I am concerned about hackers.


  94. eyalnow


    Following Stuart Grimshaw’s remark earlier, it is my opinion that you should support OpenID by providing integrated registration and log-in with OpenID , NOT by setting up your own OpenID server.
    There are already enough OpenID providers.


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  97. icedmocha

    An excellent and beneficial development. Thank you for having the best interests of end users in mind.


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  99. JoeDuck

    Brilliant! Though for the WordPress gang I guess it’s just another day at the office. Thanks, great development that will help a lot of folks who don’t want to hear about standards and technical issues and just want a simple solution to online ID issues.


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