Crafting Legacies,
One Century at a Time

The 100-Year Plan ensures that your stories, achievements, and memories are preserved for generations to come.

One hundred years of legacy.

One Payment: US$38,000.

Plan for the long term

Century-Long Domain Registration

A domain is your most valuable digital asset. While standard domain registrations last a decade, our 100-Year Plan gives you an opportunity to secure your domain for a full century.

Peace of Mind

As guardians of your life’s work, we take our duty seriously. At the platform level, we maintain multiple backups of your content across geographically distributed data centers, automatically submit your site to the Internet Archive if it’s public, and will provide an optional locked mode.

Enhanced Ownership Protocols

Navigate life’s milestones with ease. Whether you’re gifting a site to a newborn or facilitating a smooth transfer of ownership, we’re here to assist every step of the way.

Top-Tier Managed WordPress Hosting

The very best managed WordPress experience with unmetered bandwidth, best-in-class speed, and unstoppable security bundled in one convenient package.

Whether it’s giving a newborn the special gift of a domain and lifetime home on the web, or something you put in your will to make sure your website and story are accessible to future generations, I hope this plan gets people and other companies thinking about building for the long term.

Matt Mullenweg
CEO of and co-founder of WordPress