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Zuki WordPress Theme by Elmastudio

Zuki is a super flexible, minimal, magazine-style theme with a custom front page that lets you create your own magazine or news site in a few simple steps. Zuki also comes with a default blog layout with a main content and sidebar area, so you could also use Zuki also as a classic blog theme.

Build Your Own Front Page

Just like a major magazine or news site, Zuki offers a wide variety of layout options for featuring posts on a custom Front Page. Optional layouts include a featured content slider below the header area and a full-width template.

Zuki WordPress Theme Front Page

Drag and drop Zuki’s custom Recent Posts widgets into different front-page widget areas to build your own front page with big featured posts, smaller multi-column posts or highlighted posts on a light blue background.

Custom Recent Post Widgets

You can use Zuki’s Post widgets in any Front Page and sidebar widget areas and set the number of posts to be displayed in the widgets. The Recent Posts widgets will look best if you include Featured Images for all your posts. Post widgets can be filtered by category, so you can feature different post topics on your front page.

How to create the Custom Front Page – Video Introduction

Please use the scaling button on the right side of the play bar to see the video in fullscreen.

More Theme Features

In the header you can include an automatic filter toggle menu that you can activate under Appearance → Customize → Theme. Now your readers can easily filter your posts by year, author, month, category, and tag.

Zuki WordPress Theme Header Area

Featured Post Slider

You can include up to 10 posts in a Featured Posts slider with big Featured Images at the top of your front page. You just need to set a tag under Appearance → Customizer → Featured Content and all posts with this tag will be included in the slider automatically.

Quote Widget and Social Icon Menus

Zuki also comes with a beautiful quote widget and a Social Links menu. You can create a new Social menu under Appearance → Menus by including custom links with URLs to your social profiles. The icons will show up automatically in the footer after assigning the new Social menu as the “Footer Social menu”. You can also use the “Custom Menu” widget to display the social links menu in one of the sidebar widget areas.

The five-column Footer Widget Area

Zuki also comes with an optional five-column footer widget area, where you can add any text or widgets, like tags, categories, or archives.

Zuki Footer Widget Area

Ready for Mobile Devices

Zuki has a responsive design that adapts smoothly to different screen sizes, so your content will look beautiful on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and large desktop screens.

Zuki on Mobile Devices

Customizing Zuki Further

You’ll find all Zuki customization options in the Customizer. Zuki also supports Custom Backgrounds, and you can replace the site title with your own logo or other graphic by uploading an image through the Custom Header.

Further options like Custom CSS, font changes, and more custom colors are available with the Custom Design upgrade.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The default Post width is 640
  2. The default featured post image width is 840.
  3. The featured images widths for posts in the Big Recent Posts widget is 1200 + a min. height of 600.
  4. Featured post images in the Featured Content Slider should be 1200×800.
  5. The sidebar width is 240.
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