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Using the Customizer

Watermark is customizable via the Customizer, where you can change the theme’s options and add widgets to your sidebar. To get started, visit Appearance → Customize.

Theme Options

Homepage Intro Title: Add a large intro title above the posts on your homepage.


Homepage Intro Text: Add intro text above the posts on your homepage.


Grid Layout: Customize the number of columns to display on your post layout. You can choose from a one-, two-, or three-column grid.


Site Identity

Site Title & Tagline: By default your site will display a site title and tagline, which can be customized here. You also have the option to hide the site title and tagline if you’d rather use your own logo image.

Logo: Upload your own logo to use in place of your site’s title and tagline.



The widgets section of Watermark is in the sidebar of single posts and pages. Add widgets to the sidebar by going to Appearance → Widgets and adding widgets to the Sidebar panel, or you can add them in the Customizer.

Post Styles

Image 2015-08-17 at 3.14.57 PM
Watermark comes with a few custom element styles, which are used to easily add extra styling to your posts.

Pull Quotes

Pull quotes are similar to block quotes, but are reserved for smaller pieces of text. See Watermark’s Style Guide to see the suggested usage. To use pull quotes you can add a class of pull-left or pull-right to your content. See this example:

<span class="pull-right">This text will be pulled right.</span>

Text Highlight

Text highlight adds a yellow background to your text, useful for in-paragraph emphasis. To use the highlight style, you can add a class of highlight to your content. See this example:

<span class="highlight">This text will be highlighted.</span>