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Suidobashi Portfolio WordPress Theme

Suidobashi is a responsive portfolio theme for artists, designers, photographers, and other creative folks. The theme’s clean design gives you all the creative freedom you need to feature your artwork in a simple and minimal way.

In addition to a unique portfolio layout, Suidobashi offers a one-column blog design, perfect for an online journal.

The Portfolio – Feature Your Artwork

It’s easy to create a portfolio and feature your artwork with Suidobashi‘s custom portfolio template. For your single portfolio project pages, you can also include additional images, image galleries, text, and videos.

Suidobashi Portfolio Project

Below each project, a selection of additional projects make it easy for visitors to explore your work.

Create a Unique About Page

With Suidobashi’s beautiful About page template and custom text styles, you can create a unique About page with a light gray background color and options for multi-column text areas.

Suidobashi About Page

Since an About page is especially important for portfolio sites, Suidobashi comes with flexible text styling options to show your content in a unique way.

Theme Options

Suidobashi offers the option to include a short slogan or intro text, contact email, and phone number in the header area.

Suidobashi Header Details

You can also upload your own logo image, add a footer slogan or quote, or hide the search form.

For additional theme options, like custom colors for your background and text, you will need Custom Design.

Ready for Mobile Devices

Suidobashi has a responsive design that adapts smoothly to different screen sizes, so your website will look beautiful on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and large desktop screens.

Suidobashi on Mobile Devices

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The default Post and Portfolio width is 700
  2. The default Post and Portfolio Featured Image width is 960.
  3. The About Page template width is 960
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