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Perennial is a modern and clean theme that’s perfect for a magazine, news site, or blog. Perennial presents your content with perfect elegance.


Fully Responsive Layout

Perennial is responsive, so your readers will be able to enjoy your writing on all devices.


Elegant, Unique, and Clean Design

Perennial‘s elegant, unique, and minimalistic design makes any site stylish.


Slide-Out Menu

The theme’s slide-out custom menu is a modern feature.


Full-Screen Featured Content Carousel

Perennial includes an eye-catching full-screen carousel area for featured content.


Beautiful Unique Layout

Perennial gives your blog a fresh look with the unique and beautiful layout.


Site Logo

Perennial lets you upload your site logo with ease.


Slide-Out Sidebar

The theme’s slide-out sidebar panel is a modern feature.


Featured Images and Sticky Posts

Perennial supports Featured Images and Sticky Posts.


Social Media Links and Footer Menu

Perennial comes with a footer custom menu and social media links.


Content-Focused, Suave Typography, and Pull Quotes

Perennial is designed to keep the focus on your content, providing elegant typography, with special styles for lead paragraphs, drop cap, and pull quotes.


Widget Areas

Perennial comes with four widget areas: one in the sidebar, and up to three in the footer. The footer widget areas will be displayed once you place widgets in them.


Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 750.
  2. Featured Images for posts and pages are 600 wide by 600 high.
  3. Featured Images for the featured content carousel are 1440 wide by 900 high.
  4. Custom header should be at least 1440 wide by 900 high.
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