Novaraby Themetry

Novara is a theme designed for photo-centric blogs, with a stripped-down style and the option for a large, faded background image that grounds your other pictures.

Featured Image-Friendly

Novara looks best with Featured Images set on every post.

Set a post as featured to have it display full-width, at quadruple the size of any non-featured post!

Top Panel Widgets

Got content you want to appear sitewide, but want it tucked away from the initial view?

Novara‘s Top Panel widget area provides an interesting way to do just that. Readers can access the widgets from any page by clicking the button — and you can even customize the button text.

Make it your own

Novara supports several customization features to help visually differentiate your site.

Custom Background

Novara looks great with a Custom Background — choose an image, and it remains behind your content, revealing itself as visitors scroll down your site.

Site Logo

Novara supports Site Logo.

This means you can upload a custom logo of your choice to display throughout your entire site.


Novara supports Custom Menus, with a menu location just below the site branding area.

Publicize your social media profiles with the Social Links Menu in the footer.

You can also place Custom Menu widgets in the “Top Panel” section referenced above.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 734.
  2. The sidebar widget area width is 256.
  3. The top panel widget area widths are 334 wide.
  4. Featured Images for are 366 wide by 366 height on the blog homepage, archive pages, and search results pages. They are 732 wide by 732 height on posts for featured posts.
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