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Little Story

Little Story is a colorful, textured theme with support for featured images, several post formats, social networking options, widget areas, a responsive design – all this and more in a charming, illustrated style with lots of sweet details and accents.

Featured Images

Want to make your content stand out? Adding a Featured Image to your Sticky posts will make them shine, as the image is displayed at the full width of the content column. Sticky posts are also noted with a special symbol and a unique background color to set them apart.

Sticky Post

Post Formats

Little Story supports Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, Gallery, and Status post formats, all with their own unique look.

Aside, Quote, Link, and Status

These formats use transparent backgrounds, borders, or larger type to set them apart from other posts, presenting your content in a variety of complementary styles. See each format in action:

Aside post format




Link post format





Video posts look similar to the standard post, with one added feature: your users can filter all video posts using the Video post format archive link in the post meta.

Video Post Format



If the Image post format is selected, the theme will display a single image with the post title beneath it. You can specify the Featured Image to be shown, but if none is set, the theme will attempt to grab the first attachment to the post or the first image from the post content.

Image post format

As is shown, Image formatted posts are displayed with a different background color and minimal post meta.


Like images, Gallery formatted posts are also displayed with a different background color.

Gallery post format


Theme Options

You can use the handy theme options to personalize Little Story by adding links to your favorite social networks, or to display a brief bio after each post. You’ll find Little Story’s options in the Customizer, under Customize → Theme Options.

Social Networks

Social network icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Email will appear at the top of the Sidebar if you enter their respective URLs in the fields provided.

Social Network Buttons

Author Info

To display your user information (name, URL, bio, and Gravatar) after single posts, simply check the box!

Author Bio

Mobile Footer

In addition to a responsive layout, Little Story’s footer widget areas, if assigned, can be toggled on or off when viewed on a mobile device. This keeps the user’s browsing experience clean and clutter free. Click on the circle with the plus sign to expand the menu when viewing on a mobile device.

Standard footer widgets display

Standard footer widgets display

Footer widgets toggle button for small screens

Footer widgets toggle button for small screens

Custom Menus

You can configure a custom menu that will display in the header of your site by going to Customize → Menus and assigning your menu to the Primary Menu area.

Custom Menu


Little Story supports up to four widget areas – one Sidebar and three optional Footer Sidebars – that can be configured under Customize → Widgets. If no widgets are assigned to the Sidebar, it will display search, archives, and meta widgets by default.

Full-width Page Template

Need a little extra breathing room for your content? You can remove the sidebar on individual pages by setting the template to Full Width, No Sidebar under Page Options.

Custom Header and Background

You can upload your own custom header to Little Story under Customize → Header Image. Header images will display as a background to the site title and description at 1000 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall.

You can also add your own background image or color under Customize → Colors & Backgrounds.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 618 except in the full-width layout where it’s 898
  2. The primary sidebar width is 200
  3. The footer sidebar widths are 250
  4. The custom header image is 1000 wide x 300 tall
  5. The Sticky featured image width is 668 with a variable height
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