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Kiore Moana WordPress Theme

Kiore Moana is a beautiful, single-column responsive blogging theme. It’s well-suited for many types of blogs, including travel, hobby, photography, and personal. The theme has a very modern, open design with lots of white space, large, easy-to-read typography on all devices, and an extra page template for widgets.

Info Page with Beautiful Widgets

Kiore Moana is designed to display your posts without the distraction of a sidebar. However, if you want to include widgets on your site, you can use the special info page template. This template will arrange your widgets in a beautiful, one-column layout.

Kiore Moana Info Page

Info and Home Buttons

With the two minimal “Info” and “Home” buttons your visitors can always switch between your info page and blog content very easily and read your articles without any additional sidebar information taking away the focus from the content.

Kiore Moana Info Buttons and Post Formats

To set up your info page link, create a new page and assign it to the “info page” page template. Then, navigate to: Appearance  Customize → Theme Options and enter the URL of the page you just created. Hit save, and you’ll see the link to your info page in the top right corner of your site.

Kiore Moana also comes with several custom widgets that let you share additional information about yourself: About Me, Social Links, and Featured Video.

Fun and Easy-to-Use Theme Features

With the Kiore Moana theme, your blog posts can really shine and become the center of attention on your blog. With the help of large featured images, a modern header slogan, support for all post formats, and beautiful typography styling options like side notes and drop caps, you can really make each blog post very special and interesting to read.

Header Slogan Widget

Kiore Moana comes with a custom widget (“Header Slogan”) that makes it easy to display a title and introduction to your blog on the front page. Just navigate to Appearance Widgets and find the Header Slogan widget. Drop it into the associated Header Slogan widget area, and fill in the options to your liking.

Post Format Icons

The trendy, minimal icons used for the Kiore Moana post formats offer an extra highlight to each blog post.

Kiore Moana Post Formats

A Great Blog Design for Mobile Devices

Kiore Moanas single column, minimal and bold blog design works great on all kinds of devices, so your content will be easy to read and look beautiful on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and large desktops.

Kiore Moana on different Devices

Make It Your Own Style

From the Customizer, you can easily make Kiore Moana your own. Set up your info page, change the blog title and background color, change your header and background image and a custom menu to display in the footer.

Of course you can also customize your blog title and include your own blog title image under Appearance → Header and customize your main theme background under Appearance → Background.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The standard content width for Posts and Pages is 960.
  2. Image, Video, and Gallery Posts have a wider content width of 1160.
  3. Featured images should have a minimum width of 960, and a max width of 1900.
  4. The custom header image should be 115 x115 in width and height.
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