Heart And Styleby MeridianThemes

Heart and Style is a beautiful, responsive theme for bloggers that has a full-width slider on the homepage for displaying your most important content.

Featured Content Slider

Heart and Style supports Featured Content, which allows you to highlight your most important posts.

The Featured Content slider is located just below the header and displays up to 20 posts.

Featured Category

The Featured Category section is located just below the slider and displays up to four recent posts in the category you’ve have selected.

Featured Posts

The Featured Posts section is located just above the footer and displays the same posts that you’ve selected for the Featured Content slider.

Unlike the Featured Content slider, which shows only on the blog, the Featured Posts section will display throughout your site.

Social Media

Heart and Style makes it easy to link to your social media profiles using a Social Links menu.


Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column width is 712.
  2. The sidebar width is 341.
  3. The footer widget area widths are 341.
  4. Featured Images are 712 wide if a sidebar is present, and 1084 wide if sidebar is not present.
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