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Curator is a grid-based theme built for collecting the things you find on the internet, no matter what form they come in. With special styles for every post type, all your content will look and feel at home.

Fully Responsive

Curator also serves an optimized version of your site to visitors using tablets and mobile devices — so every user has the most beautiful, lightning-fast access to everything you share.

Customizable Grid Layout

Curator includes settings that give you ultimate visual control over its grid layout and style. Display your content in one, two, or three columns, upload a background image — with additional options to fix, tile, or reposition it — upload a site logo, and customize your footer with any widget you like.

Curator Full Multimedia Support

Full Multimedia Support

Use different types of media to display your work. Curator includes excellent support for images, audio and video. Image, Gallery, Video, Audio, Quote, and Link Posts were handcrafted to look consistent and fall into the grid layout perfectly. Curator also includes beautiful styles for infinite scrolling, sharing icons for individual posts, and related posts.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 500 except in the full-width
    layout where it’s 990.
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