Ten Writing Prompts to Jumpstart Your Blog

By now, you probably know that a blog can benefit your business, but sometimes it’s difficult to narrow down a topic to cover. If you’re suffering from writer’s block, consider the following writing prompts to help jumpstart your next blog post.

Writing prompts to inspire your next blog post


Explain your process

Whether it’s how you come up with the designs for your hand-painted ceramics, or your system for creating interior-decorating projects, share your process. Do you initially sketch ideas in a notebook with pen and paper, or do you use an application to keep track of your thoughts? Do you sit down with a cup of tea while a specific soundtrack plays on a loop in the background, or do you come up with your best ideas while you’re out for a walk? Whatever your creation process looks like, write it down so that readers can understand the hard work that goes into your projects.

Give a behind-the-scenes look

To bolster the previous prompt, discuss your creative lifestyle in depth by sharing photos of your ceramic-making process from start to finish. Begin with a photo of a raw lump of clay, and end with a picture of you drinking coffee from a handcrafted mug. Share pictures of your work space, tools, and any other elements that go into the creation process. This will dissolve the barrier between you and your readers, and will give fans the opportunity to know you in a personal way.

Answer a popular question

Are you frequently asked the same questions by your readers? While you could compile these questions and answers into a FAQ Page on your website, you can also pick one of them and write an in-depth blog post including the answer. If you make beef jerky from pasture-raised cattle and people often ask you about your meat source, you can write an entire post that reveals what a pasture-raised cattle farm looks like (including photos, of course) and profile the farms that you work with.

Discuss your personal or business values

What are the driving forces behind your business or blog? Blogging is important because in addition to supporting your search engine optimization (SEO), it gives your business a personality. People want to engage with you because they relate to your values and appreciate the products or services that you offer. For example, if you make vegan leather handbags, share your journey of becoming an animal-rights activist with your readers. You will likely tug at the heartstrings of other animal lovers and future loyal shoppers.

Share a photo and provide its backstory

Do you enjoy sharing photos related to your business on social media? Try making one of your shots the focus of an entire post. For example, if you’re a photographer who specializes in family portraits, post one of your edited portraits and reveal that it took 50 tries to get a single shot of everyone smiling. Your readers will appreciate that you are a real person who has imperfect, relatable days.

Discuss an industry trend

Is there a popular topic being discussed by other professionals in your space? Maybe you’re a jewelry designer and notice that tasseled necklaces are all the rage. Perhaps you’re an education blogger and recognize that parents want to learn more about STEM activities that they can do at home. Try writing blog posts exploring popular topics, while sharing relevant tips or advice. You can even go against the flow and talk about why your business doesn’t follow the latest trends.

Tell your story

You’ve probably shared some highlights about how you launched your business or website in the past, but consider writing an entire post that details your adventure from start to finish. Did your grandmother teach you to bake, inspiring you to open up your own artisanal bread company? Share your memories of waking up on Saturday mornings to the smell of freshly baked bread filling your home and how you helped your grandmother roll the dough.

Make a list

Blog posts that take the form of lists can be attention-grabbers that also serve as great writing prompts for most situations. If you’re a fashion blogger, try writing a post in listicle format: “Top Eight Consignment Shops in the Boston Metro Area.” Or, if you are a life coach who specializes in helping working moms:”Top Five Apps to Help Busy Moms Get Organized for Back-To-School Season.”

Disclose a challenge

From a product that completely failed to the week when your kids were home sick while you had to meet three deadlines, everyone faces personal and professional challenges. Don’t pretend to be perfect; share your challenges in blog posts. This will humanize you, as your readers will recognize the challenging aspects of what you do — and might even relate through similar stories of their own.

Conduct an interview

Reach out to a supporter of your business, a role model in your industry, or the owner of a complementary business that your audience would appreciate hearing from. Interview them and share your discussion with readers. If you blog about kid-friendly restaurants around the United States, interview the owner of that fantastic pizza place with toys and crayons for children. Ask why making their restaurant a family-friendly institution is part of their mission. You can even post a series of interviews with various restaurant owners in the area.

Even the most seasoned writers occasionally suffer from writer’s block; but with a little inspiration from these writing prompts, you’ll say “so long” to your next writing rut. For more blogging motivation, download WordPress.com’s free eBook, 365 Writing Prompts.

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