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Once a Passion, Now Merely a Job

With an era of instant information and hits meaning money upon us, sports writing has slowly lost its soul and is moving further and further from its story-telling halcyon days, writes Ewan MacKenna…
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Sports Writing

'He Do the Police in Different Voices': On Speech and Language Policing

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to speak, as T. S. Eliot puts it, ‘in different voices’. We use language as an index of belonging. 1,816 more words


The Greek Crisis and the Dysfunctional European Political Space

It has been sad to see the Greek crisis gathering pace, culminating in a Eurozone summit which, on condition of deep and intrusive reforms, allows Greece to remain in the Eurozone, and offers the perspective of another bailout.   1,199 more words

European Union

How Many Novels Can There Be?

I like reading. I like writing. When you’ve been writing for a while, you start to get really obsessed with word counts. Anybody you talk to about publishing something you’ve written will want to know your word count. 1,331 more words


Requiem for an Irish Mother

One night last week, I tried to figure out how many matches my mother saw me play as a child. I know it was less than ten. 1,019 more words


But Why Shouldn't She Take Responsibility for the Rape?

I am going to assume the person who left this comment on my post Don’t get raped is a man:

When it comes to any kind of crime, I think it is important to make a distinction between blame and responsibility.

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Sexual Abuse

On Teaching the Graphic Novel

About once a month, I get asked by a colleague or friend for the syllabus I used to teach my seminar on the Graphic Novel at Amherst. 1,839 more words

Graphic Novels

Congratulations, Your Book is Coming Out Again (But Written By Someone Else)

A little story about strangely full circle writing careers and saying yes for you.

In the summer of 2004, I was 27 years old, and at the Breadloaf Writer’s conference, where I was boring an editor to tears by talking about my short story collection. 1,733 more words


I'm Furious About You Being Furious About The Thing You're Furious About

Watching social media more or less incessantly as I have been over the last few days – instead of working or feeding my children or acknowledging brief but important everyday moments of physical affection from my partner – I’ve seen, as you surely have, that everyone is furious about a thing.   391 more words


XIV - On Days Slipping By: A Poem

Should you ever find yourself
In the most fortunate position
Of riding in a glass elevator
Please take a brief moment
To attempt this experiment: 100 more words


Edith Channel's Long Walk


Lawrence, Kansas is 41 miles west of Kansas City. The weather in Lawrence on February 4, 1915, was “generally fair,” though there was a chance of snow in the “west portion” that night. 1,343 more words


Pieces of Kyle and Me

The first apartment I ever had to myself was a tiny basement studio in Portland. The carpet was purple and the kitchen had red and white checkered linoleum. 997 more words


Marvel vs. DC: Whose Universe is it Anyway?

By: Daniel Reynolds

There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to universe construction: the seven day method and the Big Bang. The former defines itself as a thoughtful process with a note of fantastical whimsy. 1,088 more words


Tour de France 2015, in Watercolors

Bonjour! Stage 15 pressed on through the stunning scenery beside the rivers Ardèche and Rhone towards the Alps. The conditions were hot with the Tramontane wind’s influence. 138 more words


Big Cats and Human Complexity

This weekend I spent time at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center near Brazil, Indiana. Most of the cats at the Center are tigers, due in part to the popularity of tiger ownership as a status symbol, as well as the obsession with breeding white tigers. 755 more words


Licensed to “I Don’t Give a Sh*t”

I’m turning OLD this year. But I’m taking it all quite well, really. There are benefits to aging of course. Social benefits, for example. And one in particular I find quite tantalizing. 984 more words


Feeling Small in a Big Cosmos

by Shane L. Larson

On 19 April 1610, Johannes Kepler wrote an open letter to Galileo Galilei, musing on possible future voyages that would allow explorers — human explorers — to see what Galileo’s telescope had shown.  2,010 more words


#ArtCred: Tips for Properly Crediting Comics Creators

The past week or two has seen the comics Twittersphere abuzz with discussion about credit – specifically, giving artists the credit they deserve for their work. 1,443 more words


The X Factor

The first double-digit run in a training regimen carries a lot of psychic weight for a runner; it occupies an outsized space in the mind while — at least for me, now  — moving the body into the realm of serious mileage. 751 more words


I Am a Native American Woman With White Privilege

Note from the author: This blog uses the term “white privilege.” The correct term is “white-passing privilege.” Please note that white-passing privilege is what I am referring to in this blog.  1,353 more words


Revealing Dress

I am so awkward.

Honestly, sometimes things seem perfectly normal at the time and then I just don’t know what I was thinking.  This post is cringeworthy, so be forewarned.   729 more words


My Falling Out with Myers-Briggs

We have an identity crisis. Call it what you will, a post-modern, existential, millennial crisis of self, we are all asking ourselves: Which Game of Thrones character am I? 603 more words


Forgiving the Flesh: In Which I Recount the Ways My Body Has Betrayed Me

Dear Lily June,

As human beings, we live in the flimsy structures of our fleshy bodies. Our hearts, like birds, are protected only by a cage of ribs; our minds, like yolks, sit inside the bony eggs of our skulls. 2,130 more words


Sacred Trust

There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children.
There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected,
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Bees and Diversity

Max Gladstone is the author of the amazing Craft Sequence, the first-or-fourth installment of which came out on Tuesday, titled Last First Snow. Since… 1,936 more words


Six Months. Two Wheels, 50 GPS Doodles.

Since I started pedalling my art on the streets of Victoria on the first day of 2015, I’ve amassed a portfolio of 50 GPS doodles – 34 pictures, 11 bike-writing messages and five creations that comprise a combination of both. 180 more words


A Short History of My Catholic Table

This is a story about a table. It begins, in the early years of the twentieth century, when a young immigrant couple from Czechoslovakia bought a home in the Duquesne neighborhood of Pittsburgh. 861 more words