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    I do not understand why does not support Google Analytics. I wish they would explain somewhere.

    Am now seriously reconsidering hosting on




    I do not understand why does not support Google Analytics. I wish they would explain somewhere.

    Have you contacted Staff directly and asked?



    Is it possible for you to flag the entire thread for staff to see ?

    Or could you please tell me how to do it ?




    Click this link and observe exactly how many threads have been posted on this issue. I have read every one of those threads. No I will not flag this thread for Staff attention because this is not an urgent issue.


    Could you please tell me how to do it then ?

    I would like to be able to decide BY MYSELF whether this is an urgent issue or not…






    You can contact Staff directly to get support with any issue

    Those threads I directed to you represent 5 years of what amounts to posting the same thing over and over again – urgent? – I think not.



    Could someone else more helpful and polite please tell me how to flag a thread for Staff attention ?




    Like I said, I would like to be able to decide BY MYSELF whether this is an urgent issue or not…


    I have a blog on WordPress that I use for my business. And I need GA to analyse my blog.

    So yes, it is urgent, whether you think so or not…



    We have no plans to offer Google Analytics at this time, but we do have our own stats via the Site Stats section of your blog’s Dashboard and may consider expanding those.

    Which Google Analytics features are you missing?



    This is an excerpt from the sticky post at the head of this forum,so you can see why it is that I do not think flagging this thread for Staff attention is appropriate:

    1. If you would like to bring anything to the attention of the moderators or staff, please simply add the “modlook” tag followed by a second tag with your reason. For example, “modlook, spammer [username]”


    Thanks for the links @timethief

    But GA has some really cool stuff like the new Visitor Flow which I would really like to measure…and so would other bloggers…

    I cannot for the life of me understand why WordPress hasnt allowed GA, 5 years later…



    Can you describe what about “Visitor Flow” is useful for you?


    Hi Mac

    First up, thank you for helping me with my domain problem some time ago !!!

    I really like WordPress Stats but I think a few things are missing:

    1. Visitor Flow – I would like to know how my readers landed on my blog and what pages/pages they clicked and in what order they did that

    2. TIME Spent on each post/page

    3. More information on each reader – Where they came from, how they got there (for each post or page)

    4. Drop Out Rate

    5. Exit Rate

    Basically most of the things we are used to on GA.

    And now that Knol bloggers are coming to, adding GA or improving your stats should be a high priority.

    Hope this helps…




    Good to know, thanks!

    I’ve passed those on to our data team.



    As well as WordPress,com site stats there are free third party non-JavaScript visitor tracking programs that can be used on free hosted blogs are: sitemeter, statcounter, getclicky, gostats, whosamungus, feedjit, clustrmaps, and others. Each one of them decides how and what they will count as a hit. Some count page views and some count unique visitors. Therefore, use any of the stats counters only as a general guide to hits.

    A simple breakdown of what the data includes is answers to the following questions:
    How many people are on my website right now?
    Who is visiting my website?
    What countries do my visitors come from?
    Which posts are my visitors reading?
    Which browser and which operating system do my visitors use?
    What time of the day did they come?
    How many visitors do I get within one or several days?
    How much time do my website visitors spend reading my web pages?
    How many pages did they view?
    How popular is my site?



    Great, Thanks !! Thats good to know.

    Hopefully we will see some improvements on the Stats functions soon…


    Thanks for the info @timethief

    I will check them out…

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