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  1. I would love to participate in this daily prompt however I just joined in yesterday! Yes, a newbie to blogging! I am having problems I can post a comment but for some reason I try to submit my writings to my blog and it won’t let me click submit post! What am I doing wrong? I only have a iPad to work on and it’s an older one my son bought me. I don’t have a home PC nor do I have a laptop to work on. Could this be my problem? Do I need a PC or laptop to fully enjoy blogging with world press? Any suggestions?


    1. Maybe you could try and download the WordPress App rather than go on it from the internet? I’m not sure if this would make a difference, but it is worth a try! Otherwise maybe the settings are set to private? I’m a bit of a novice too, but I wish you good luck!!


      1. Yes, I use the app and can post blog entries just fine. Well, it’s MUCH easier with a computer, but it can be done through the app. And I have the oldest model iPad, so it’s not that.


    2. Thanks to all! I did try and download the app and the warning I get states it requires iOS 5? Lost, lost, totally lost! Well if worse comes to worse I will go to the public library to post on my blog. I can’t wait! Any other ideas I’m open to. Thanks again to all!


  2. I do this more often than I should. My posts could always be better and always improved. I require a large cauldron of will power not too.


  3. Thanks for the suggestion but I see a bugger here. If I fix something you can’t compare it to the original slug, right? So maybe doing a version II of the same title with a link to the original may add spice to this challenge – that way we can compare the before and after. What do you think?

    As a new comer to the blogosphere I’m cautious as to what I post and try to keep the mishaps and blunders on a low risk side – not that I haven’t corrected some of the posts after they are out! Mostly titles :). Will skip this challenge, thx.


  4. Most any post or bit of writing can be fixed, so to speak. Generally, omitting the bits that folks are skipping over when they read, helps polish the writing.


  5. i feel like i do this all the time… i have like 100 revisions on my posts at the end of the day. i’m never really satisfied with my entries, but eventually i just suck it up and leave it be.


  6. Reblogged this on BLDs "B"log and commented:
    Why are we as a society not using manners? I get so tired of using my manners just to have others not use theirs. Just simple courteousness like, Please Thank you, and Excuse me are the simplest use of common courtesy that is required when you are in public places interacting with other people. I know it would make a negative interaction with a stranger a positive.


  7. I really like this prompt. And: I do go back into my posts and improve them, often I add photos later, because it takes more time to work on them – i.e. I added a photo gallery to this post later
    But my followers will have seen the first version only – how will they know I did a do-over? If I’m not fast enough they will probably never see the photos.


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