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  1. I’m new to the blogging community and currently post random contents both my thoughts and just my personal life. Any feedback wojd be greatly appreciated 🙂


    1. Hi! I am new to bogging, too. Do you have any idea how many wrds. avg. blogs are suppose to be? I am also trying to figure the link and tag deal out. I’d appreciate any feedback.


      1. I dont know about how many words you need but for me, I am trying to use as less as possible so I wont make my visitor boring when they read my blog. talk about less is more.


      2. It really depends on your writing style. However, unless you are writing for an academic crowd, forget the usual paragraphing thing you were taught in high school or in universities. It is best to craft a style that uses a variety of paragraph lengths.

        Oh, and as for tags, use Google Trends. Type in the topic you are looking for, and then check out the search terms that are trending, BUT also on the way up.

        It is tedious work, but pretty worth it, i think. Having said that, I am still struggling to increase my own readership, so… take it with a pinch of salt.


      3. Sorry for spamming, but for linking, the rule of thumb, which i just learnt, but makes plenty of sense, is to ensure that the link you create actually describes the site you are linking to.

        Not the cheesy “click here for more information” nonsense. Doing that does not increase your visibility on search engines.


  2. The path of life is doing the best at what you choose to be. To be the best you can in life. Follow your values good ones, in your relationships and your goals. Don’t let others detour you or persuade you otherwise.
    This is the best path of life to follow.


  3. I would keep just tell ’em what Steve Jobs said about not being able to connect the dots looking forward; only looking backwards. Then I’d turn on my heel and go get some bulgogi from that Korean place.


  4. It is an honor to speak to my alma mater, Henry M. Gunn High School, Palo Alto, California. When I went to Gunn, it was during a time when people were serious about many issues of our society that needed to be addressed. Even in class, we discussed such issues as civil rights, ending poverty, the United Nations, the different religions of the world, the nature of prejudice. I hope that Gunn still provides that education. A high school education is what gives you the tools you need as you create your life path. Be it as a homemaker, business person, college student, human rights activist, entrepreneur, artist, or whatever your calling may be, you can make a difference in the life of a person, your community, or even the world.


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