Has something bright or reflective caught your eye in the moment? Share a photo of something you were able to explore a bit!

Have you ever walked past something bright that caught your eye, but when you turn around, there’s seemingly nothing there? It’s been particularly sunny this week so it has happened several times lately for me. Usually I didn’t have time to stop or step back to look more closely. But when I did, within a few moments, the light shifted enough to allow the sparkle to come back.

In the case of this photo, it was my last morning in Boston and I decided to spend it at the New England Aquarium. What I found most striking was the tank that stands four stories tall and holds 200,000 gallons (just under 760,000 liters) of salt water in the center of the aquarium. Around it is a spiral walkway that winds to the top where you can also look down onto the hundreds of animals that call it home. Making my way down, I kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye as I passed each pane of glass. But I could never see it when I turned around. Finally I stopped to step closer. With the different angle, I could see up into the light that was shining through the water. It was hitting everything in its path, creating a metallic, watery sheen.


What about you? Has the sunshine or any other light source caused you to stop because it’s highlighting something you didn’t notice before? Take a moment to check it out next time it happens and share what you see!

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  1. I so appreciate where you are coming from, my last few weeks has been spent in an array of different feelings, I don;t know whether it is the weather or my menopause or whether it is both. I have found myself reeling off emotions just as a yo yo would swing from up and down. I find that my writing grounds me and I feel normal again. What ever normal feels like. Yvette (Miyetti Seva) xx

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  2. yes. I have and it happens more and more often when you stop being distracted. If you are one with the moment especially in nature, you can witness a myriad of wonderful things right under your nose Flotation tanks have helped me with this .


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