This week, share something that satisfies you.

Photo by <a href="">Jen H.</a>

“Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from doing little things well.” — H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I really like office supplies. I like the colors, the designs, and the way they smell, fresh out of a package. I like that they enable me to produce beautiful things, organized things, creative things, necessary things. Even though most people I know use digital calendars, my personal calendar is pencil and paper, and I live by it.

This weekend, I got a new pencil sharpener with titanium — titanium! — blades. I sat at my desk for twenty minutes, sharpening pencils, creating a colorful, perfectly pointy graphite bouquet. The feeling of satisfaction I got from such a simple task was probably absurd to some, but for me, it was enough.

Photo by Jen H.

This week, share a photo of something that brings you satisfaction. It can be monumental, minor, or something in between. We can’t wait to see your contributions.

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  1. Beautiful picture, Jen. I say, there is something about new stationery and the smell of new books- takes me back to a time when schools would reopen after summer.
    I posted my entry a couple minutes past noon (Eastern), but not only did it not appear in the first few, it is also not showing up in the grid. However, if I go to my post and click -the ping back correctly points to this page. I wonder why.
    Anyway- I had fun thinking about the subject- and that’s what matters 🙂
    My entry:

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  2. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a picture of the mommy dog that I had the opportunity to feed. She was scavenging for food among the almost empty dishes in the next door cabin garden. When I approached her with food, she was scared at first. So I kept a little of the food that I had brought, on the grass a few feet away from her and backed off. After a few moments, she approached the spot cautiously. I left the rest of the food near her, as well and walked back to my cabin. It felt really nice to do a small deed like this. We all need to show a little kindness to the world. It’ll make this place so much better and bearable to live in.

    Do check out my blog. I’m new here, so a little help would go a long way for me.
    Thanks 🙂


      1. I might just have to upgrade to premium. Do you think the switch is worth it? I am new to blogging and new to wordpress; loving it so much already.


      2. I’m loving wordpress too. Up to you if you want to upgrade, depends on your blogging goal but for sure there will be blog traffic soon which is good and ads where u can earn.

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      3. As for the pingback I don’t really know how it works on a deep level but so far in my understanding, its simply linking of url. Notice when you click on a higlighted word it routes you to another article. That is pretty much it but you get to manage these pingbacks when someone, say like me, links one of your entry to mine.

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  3. Satisfaction for me comes from being with the people I love the most, especially when I need them most


  4. I LOVE OFFICE SUPPLIES TOO! I could easily have written this post about myself. It is not weird at all. There’s nothing like a solo trip to Office Maxx! I also use a paper/pencil planner and the other thing that brings immense satisfaction is completing a task and CHECKING IT OFF THE LIST – that I wrote with the sharpened pencils and the snazzy paper from Office Maxx 😉


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