This week, share a photo that relaxes you.

Life can be stressful. Work commitments, family trouble, financial obligations: the list goes on. And sometimes, it can all get a little too overwhelming.

That’s why it’s so important to make time to just relax. Whether through meditation, a quiet walk, a day at the beach, or whatever else, we all need to find a way to unwind, rest, and put ourselves at ease.

This week, share a photo that makes you feel as relaxed as a cat taking a peaceful nap on a pillowed bench:

A street cat taking a nap on a pillowed bench

A street cat takes a peaceful nap on a pillowed bench in Istanbul, Turkey (August 2016). Photo by Hakan Bakkalbasi.

When I saw this furry feline taking a restful catnap in Istanbul, I couldn’t help but relax a little too — so I took this photo to preserve the feeling. Now, whenever I look at this lovely cat’s tranquil expression and carelessly dangled paw, I’m reminded of that moment and relax again.

What kind of image might help you relax? Maybe it’s an easy chair and blanket, a serene glimpse of nature, or a steaming cup of tea. Whatever it may be, please share yours and help your fellow bloggers relax!

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      1. Ok got it. I will check it out and you can check out mine to at Please like and even follow too. Thanks


  1. Especially this time of year your words become very poignant. We need to find those little moments to allow ourselves to stretch out with a book or indulge ourselves in a special activity or treat to refreshen the soul.

    Very nice photo of the cat relaxing. No other animal seems to exude emotion as much as a cat. Whether it is relaxation, anger, perturbation, joy, sensuality, the cat is the living example of emotion.

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  2. Excellent shot, my Brother! I’d say what helps me relax is definitely the beach and nature. Trees, sunshine and light. Also, the night helps me relax. Laying there and quieting my mind because my mind is the source of so much of my unrest, lol. Thank you for sharing, family. Peace.

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      1. Absolutely, bro. No problem – i enjoyed your writing and would like to stay connected to future articles you all put out. Much love and respect.

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    1. That’s a good. There is nothing like going out for fresh air and just relax. Check out on your spare time. Thanks.

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  3. What helps me to relax is medidtaing on quotes from the word of God and listening to good music. This is a very important topic you touched on. Please check out my blog at and like my page. Thanks

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