What are you in search of? Capture a quest with your camera.

Earlier this week, a group of colleagues and I took a gondola up the mountains of Whistler, a resort town in Canada’s lush British Columbia. From up above, we saw panoramic views of the village, Fitzsimmons Valley, Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, and the region beyond.

Our company is distributed — everyone works from home or wherever they are in the world — so we come together for one week each year to meet face-to-face, socialize, and tackle projects. It was my first time meeting most of the coworkers in this group, and we got to know one another while ziplining through the treetops of an old-growth rainforest.

One of my favorite images is an early shot of us hiking to our first zipline at Olympic station:

Hiking into the forest on the mountains of Whistler, British Columbia.

Quest (noun): A long or arduous search for something.

I considered using a more active and adventurous shot of me screaming and ziplining upside down, but for this challenge theme, quest, I’m drawn more to the anticipation of the experience — the buildup, the unknown — as seen in this shot. And the quest wasn’t just physical; this was an activity, an adventurous icebreaker of sorts, through which we could meet and learn more about each other.

For this challenge, show us what quest means to you.

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