This week, show us your interpretation of prolific.

Last spring, I had the chance to travel to Nashville, Tennessee. It was my first time in Music City and it was wonderful to soak up all the local history. From restaurant menus heralding popular songs bought for a beer tab, to a Sun Records location where R.E.M. recorded, to a visit to the Johnny Cash Museum, it was a visit steeped in musical lore.

We spent a couple of hours among the Cash Museum’s exhibits. There were clothing displays, Johnny’s childhood report cards, a section dedicated to his movie appearances, and guitars galore. What struck me most was the sheer volume of the man’s output during his recording days.

At one juncture in the museum, visitors travel a hallway featuring dozens of his album covers on one side, and singles on the other. The effect is quite stunning: at a glance you can absorb just how prolific Cash was as a recording artist.

What do you think of when you think of the word, “prolific”? If spring has arrived where you live, maybe the plethora of dandelions sprouting in your neighborhood might fit. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, it might be the leaves falling from the trees. Your response need not be one based in nature — let your imagination fuel your camera.

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