We’ve been waiting on pins and needles until we could share the new gallery formats which were announced yesterday on…

Image courtesy of Sara Rosso

We’ve been waiting on pins and needles until we could share the new gallery formats which were announced yesterday on the WordPress.com blog! So now that they’re out, let’s put them to good use! We’re going to have a multi-photo challenge!

Happy. I can’t believe we haven’t done this theme before! That alone makes me happy. But there are so many things which could make you happy, so why not group them together to multiply the happiness? Here are some images which make me happy: a sunny day, Mums for Mom, exercise, coffee (of course!), a Vespa by the sea, a popsicle, funny signs, and more coffee!

Share (many) pictures in a gallery which mean HAPPY to you! 

I’m including all three new gallery formats just so you can see how they look – I think you should probably include only one in your post, but it’s up to you!  Which format is your favorite? I like rectangular, but circles are fun, too! Also, I think 6-9 photos are a good goal for this challenge (I’m using 9) and it shouldn’t take you much time at all to find 9 pictures of things that make you happy! Read the new gallery formats post for information about how to use them on your site. 

(Example of rectangular gallery)

(Example of square gallery)

(Example of circle gallery)


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Here’s how it works:

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    1. I like the variety of sizes the first one offers… but they all have merit. Congrats on the new Gallery WP, now I can add it to my other two photo organizers. WooHoo! 🙂


  1. Great challenge — helps us explore some of the other features of WordPress we might otherwise dismiss. A fun weekend project (after first doing something that makes me happy — watching a cross-country meet!) ~ Kat


    1. I know we only did half the challenge because the person submitted just one image to us, but it seemed like such a good fit for the them. We do love the galleries though! Especially the squares! Will definitely use them whenever our submissions call for it! Thank you WP:)


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