This week, share something that glows.

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” –- Aaron Rose

Ask any professional portrait photographer about the Golden Hour, and their eyes will probably take on a dreamy look. The Golden Hour is the time of day before sunset or after sunrise, when the light is soft and glowing. It makes for absolutely beautiful photos.

I shot the photo below shortly after dropping my kids off at school yesterday morning. The timing was perfect to catch some of the glorious Golden Hour glow coming through some of my ornamental grasses and pineapple sage just next to my garage. It’s incredible how the right light can turn a basic camera-phone photo into something magical.

This week, share something that glows. Maybe you’d like to experiment with some Golden Hour photography, or perhaps you know someone with a glowing smile. We’re excited to see what you share.

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      1. I only noticed that there is a particular time of the day where 7 out of 10 of the pictures I take come out absolutely unbelievable. I only recalled the time as I read your post. So thanks for making me Aware.

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  1. Love that sage not least because it lights up our Autumns/Falls -also a tasty addition salad and drinks too. I warmed to this theme – thank you – managed a late afternoon glow with some mistletoe –

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  2. That is gorgeous. I dabble in a little bit of photography and LOVE when people will actually cooperate and let me shoot that time day. Its when I do my best work. I get stuck doing a lot of family shoots indoors when the weather is horrible, so I absolutely LOVE fall. The weather starts to cool down to where you don’t die from heat stroke, the sunsets come sooner. And I’m not sure if its just my imagination but maybe with some help from nature and the trees taking on the yellow and gold hues, I believe it makes fall sunsets a little more golden than any other time of year 🙂

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