Document a gathering and share your interpretation with us.

Winner of "best in show" for awkward canine family photo, 2015. Photo by Krista

Ah, the holiday season! What is the holiday season if not a chance to get together with family and friends to over-indulge in great conversation, food, and maybe even a libation or two? Most gatherings are incomplete without a group photo to mark the occasion. In the spirit of family gatherings, I present this photo of my canine family three — a photo that would surely win “best in show” for an awkward family photo contest.

Winner of "best in show" for awkward canine family photo, 2015. Photo by Krista

Clockwise: Chubbs, Morty, and Gus. Photo by Krista

It could be that Chubbs’ lazy eye is on full display. (It skipped a generation — he gets that from my mom.) It could be that Morty’s expression says he’s about to flee the scene. It could be the vacant look in Gus’ 14-year-old eyes that suggests “TILT.” (The irony is that he’s the gifted one, academically speaking.) This family gathering does not deserve framing, though hopefully it gives you a laugh.

Share with us your interpretation of “gathering.” It could be your entire family decked out in ugly holiday sweaters. It could be a group of seagulls strutting down the beach. Perhaps it’s a basket of fresh herbs you’ve collected from your garden for that awesome pasta dish this evening.

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      1. Hi Krista! Thank you for clicking “Like” to the caption …A second entry… with your indulgence…

        Gathering momentum
        in the gathering rain.
        (shot by a rained-on android causing sim-card time-out)
        The lantern parade
        of the University of the Philippines Diliman
        five rainy days ago —
        mass communication students
        hoist three TV sets flat screen
        with power on
        in mid-air
        perched on a pole
        wrapped in CDs of polymer aluminum
        in the pouring rain
        as Christmas lantern
        depicting the theme “Dingas” or Flame
        (umbrellas open in prayer form)

        (thanks everyone!)


  1. on coverage,
    at the Philippine National Police headquarters
    of the National Capital Region
    (Metro Manila) Station 10,
    in the heart of the metropolis, the eve of a new era
    a gathering of future journalists,
    hopeful millennials,
    — the heart of the future….


    for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering.

    Happy weekend everyone!

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  2. For me, a gathering is group that comes together, more or less informally, for a purpose such as a celebration or commemorative event. A family coming together to celebrate Christmas is a gathering, whereas a saloon brawl is not (although I have heard some family gatherings occasionally resemble saloon brawls). A coven could also be considered a gathering. My idea of a gathering is somewhere between a family Chrstmas dinner and a rowdy night on the town with good friends I have not seen in a long time.


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