What does enveloped mean to you?

When it comes to gardening, I have big dreams and endless perseverance. I have a goal to grow my own salad and my own salsa. A couple of years ago, I tried my hand at growing romaine lettuce and took this photo just before my first harvest.


Watching the lettuce evolve and grow — each leaf expanding into an ever-thickening cluster — was fantastic. I imagined faeries taking up residence, coming out at night to dance under the gentle glow of my garden’s solar lights, sleeping during the hottest parts of the day — enveloped — safe and secret in the cool green center of the romaine.

What does “enveloped” mean to you? It could be your post-bath toddler wrapped burrito-style in a huge fuzzy towel. How about the ever-present fog that meanders through your city? Is it the well-loved hammock you lie in devouring novels as if they were candy? Maybe it’s your favorite fluffy comforter, edges worn from love and use?

So looking forward to seeing your interpretations of “enveloped.” Have fun with the challenge!

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  1. Funny, I was just googling foam envelopes when I checked over here and read the word as an envelope…I guess that’s one of the ways it could go, but sleeping faeries enveloped in the cool green of a garden is way more magical…

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  2. Nice post! 🙂 to answer your question, enveloped to me is the way my partner hugs me when we sleep, I just love the way it feels being held safe in his arms. Or maybe the way my cat likes to curl up in my back pack and sleep 🙂

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  3. Love the analogy and story here! I too would love to have my own fresh garden like my dad did growing up. My perspective of envelope right now would be completely literal since I have a burgeoning notecard business but…. I also have a two cuddly labrador retrievers who love to get on both sides of me in bed at night and keep me warm ❤

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